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Magdev Ltd

MagDev Limited is part of the Delta Magnetics Group. The group is made up of Delta Magnets Ltd, located in Nashik, India who manufacture hard ferrite arc and segment Magnets, MMG India Pvt Ltd located in Chennai, India who manufacture soft ferrite products and MagDev Ltd located in Swindon, UK who has been a specialist in magnetic products for over 71 years with unrivalled technical expertise. MagDev offers total solutions and a level of service, design and technical support that is unmatched. Products distributed and manufactured include an extensive range of permanent magnets, soft magnetic components, sub assemblies, magnetic materials and accessories. Our Permanent Magnet Range includes: Neodymiun Iron Boron, Sintered Ferrite, Alnico, Samarium Colbolt, Bonded Magnets, Injection Moulded Magnets and Flexible Magnets. Our Soft Magnetics Range includes: Manganese zinc ferrites for powerapplications and Nickel Zinc ferrites for high frequency and low signal applications. The range of Powdered Metal Cores includes toroidal cores in a range of sizes and materials. Both of these product ranges are widely used in the Industrial, Environmental, Computer, Telecommunications, Automotive, Aerospace and Consumer Electronics industries. We will bring value to our customers and achieve profitable growth by developing our people, introducing new technologies, providing application specific solutions, building strategic partnerships and delivering Premier Customer Service.

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Sinotech Ltd

Sinotech Ltd aim to provide Cold Formed Parts: * Low cost to Manufacturers * Made to Customers Specification * Supplied by Chain Specialists for Automotive Supply * Many years experience with an Asian Source Sinotech, experts in coldforming components, have extensive experience in: * Net-shape coldforming * Near net-shape cold forming Sinotech is a supplier of precision components within the Automotive, Fluid Power and General Engineering Industries. We manufacture ISO 9001:2008 quality assured precision machined components, which can be produced using a number of processes: * Single spindle Low Volume components * Multi-spindle High Volume production * CNC turning utilising our multi axis technology * CNC milling utilising our 4 axis machining centres * Welded assemblies Sinotech can supply precision machined components in a vast range of materials including: * Copper * Mild and Alloy Steels * Titanium and exotic high temperature alloys * Plastics * Stainless Steel * Brass * Phosphor Bronze (Gun-metal) * Aluminium Die Castings - The molten metal needs to be injected into a mould under extreme pressure. This will result in a more homogeneous part, good surface finish and dimensional accuracy. There would be a significant reduction in the requirement for post casting processing to get the required final configuration. There are 5 main steps to the process cycle, these are: * Clamping - two cleaned and lubricated die halves are clamped together within the production machine * Injection - of molten metal (a pre-determined volume) at high pressure into the die * Cooling - The solidification of the metal within the die cavity takes its final shape * Ejection - From the die cavity, of the casting * Trimming - Excess material from casting Sintered Components Applications - Components produced by this route include the production of many complex components such as: * Pressure Plates * Gears * Cams * Sprockets * Levers * Ratchets * Bushing etc These would be used in the following industries: * Automobile * Hydraulic * Agriculture Pressings - Sinotech are able to work with their customers and use their extensive knowledge and experience of metal forming and tool design. To get the optimised final tooling design, prototype components can be produced. We are also able to supply Metal Stampings in a range of materials: * Steels, coated and uncoated * Stainless Steels * Aluminium * Brass

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Eclipse Magnetics

Eclipse Magnetics Ltd is a well respected manufacturer of magnets, magnetic assemblies, magnetic sub assemblies, magnetic tools, magnetic chucks, magnetic separators and specially engineered magnetic handling products. Eclipse Magnetics manufacture a full and exciting range of Magnets and Magnetic Equipment. Eclipse has 20,000 different products covering applications across all industries. It boasts substantial stocks of Neodymium Iron Boron, Ferrite and Alnico magnets for speedy deliveries and has some of the keenest prices in the industry. Eclipse have a Special Applications Team consisting of highly experienced Engineers and Design Draughtsmen, who are exceptional at listening and interpreting customer needs and turning them into specially engineered solutions that are guaranteed to perform to design specification. The Special Applications Team have a proven track record of creating full turnkey automated magnetic handling systems, fully engineered work-holding solutions and specially designed lifting magnets. Equipment is supplied into Steel production, Automotive, Aerospace, Engineering, Chemical and Food Industries. 11000G, 35H, 45H, activate, adhesive backed, Alcomax, Alni, Alnico, anisotropic, Attract, Ax, Bakker, bar, Barium, Base, bases, bed, bipole, bisflex, Block, braking, bulk, Bullet, buttons, canning, Cartridges, casting, ceramic, Cermag, chemical, chocolate, Chuck, chucks, chute magnets, circular, Clamp, clean, Cobalt, cobalt steel, coils, compass, controller, Conveyors, Coolant cleaners, Crossband, crusher, crushing, damping, deep pots, Deflect, depalletiser, depalletizer, designer, Detect, Disc, distributor, Drums, dry, easy, eclipse, eddy current, electro, Electro permanent, electromagnet, Ereiz, Eries, Eriez, Eriezxpress, Erium, Espm, extruded, failsafe, Feeder, Feroba, Ferrite, Ferrous, field, Filters, fine pole, fine pole, Fixtures, flexible, flour, Flux, food, foundry, Fridge, Gauss, Grate, grates, Grid, Grinding, handling, Handling, Head pulley, high technology, Hold, Holdfast, horseshoe, Humps, hysteresis, industrial, Inline, ISO9002, isotropic, Jigs, knife racks, Lift, lifters, Lifting magnet, limpet, loudspeaker magnets, machining, Magnet, Magnet applications, magnet manufacturers, Magnetic, Magnetic Separation, Magnetic Separator, Magnetic Separators, Magnetic systems, Magnetics, Magnetised, magnetism, Magnetized, Magnetron, Magnets, major, Master Magnets, Metal, Metal contamination, Metal detector, metal magnets, microfine, microfine pole, Milling, minerals, mining, multipole, NdFeB, Neo, Neodymium, NM1, NM2, NM3, NM4, NM5, NM6, NM7, North, OEMs, Overband, Overband, Overhead, Palletising, Performance, permanent, Permanent-electro, permanent magnets, Pick and place, plate, platen, Plates, Pneumatic, pneumatically switchable, Polarity, Pole, popular, Popular range, Pot, powder, precision, processing, Pulleys, Qmc, Qmc, systems, Quality, Quick release, Rails, rectangular, recycling, red, Red, Red magnets, redpainted, release, repair, repairer, Repel, resin bonded, Ring, Robot, Robotic, Rod, Roller, Rolls, rubber, Rubber, safety shim, safety shims, Samarium, Samarium cobalt, sample, Screeners, Separate, Separator, seperate, seperation, Shallow pot, sheet, sheeting, Sheffield, shredder, signs, SmCo, South, South Yorkshire, Speaker, stray flux, Strontium, sugar, Supermill, supplier, Sweepers, Systems, Technomagnete, Tecno, Tecnomagnete, testing, traps, Tube, UK, Ultralift, Vee blocks, vinyl, Walker, wave guide isolator, Welding, wet, Work-holding, workholders, Workholding.

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G M B Associates

Range of Mechanical Power Transmission Products and provide a full UK customer service and technical support facility. GMB Associates were appointed 20 years ago as the sole UK licensee for Ameridrives International (formerly Zurn Industries) to promote their range of Mechanical Power Transmission Products and provide a full UK customer service and technical support facility. By this association with Ameridrives International and more recently, Boston Gear Inc. we are now able to offer our customers a single source for all their power transmission requirements. Speed Reducers: * 700 Series worm gear * 200 Series helical * 800 & 600A Series in-line helical & helical-worm gear drives * Right angle miter & bevel gear drives * Planetary ratio motor multipliers * White & stainless steel washdown Shaft Accessories: * Flexible couplings * Universal joints * Setscrew & clamping collars * Timing belts & pulleys * Chain & sprockets * Grooved pulleys Bearings: * Pillow blocks & flange bearings * Bronze, steel & non-metallic bushings * Rod end & spherical bearings * Thrust washers * Radial ball bearings * Food grade non-metallic washdown bearings Fluid Power: * Filters, regulators & lubricators * Directional control valves * Disposable & NFPA square head cylinders * Air motors * Rotary actuators * Fittings, check valves, blow guns, recoil hose & accessories Gears: * Spur gears & rack * Change gears * Stem pinions & pinion wire * Internal gears * Helical gears * Worm & worm gears * Bevel & miter gears * Non-metallic gears * Delroyd worm gear sets Electrical: * Standard inverters & AC micro-controllers * DC drives * AC & DC motors * Clutches & brakes * Meters & tachs * White & stainless steel washdown Gearboxes, speed reducers, gas turbines, diaphragm couplings, overload, industrial clutches Each of our products are market leaders in their own right. Their undisputed high quality standards have earned them worldwide recognition for product superiority, price competitiveness and service excellence.

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