Textile, clothing, leather and shoemaking machinery and equipment industries

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Textile, clothing, leather and shoemaking machinery and equipment
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R W E Npower

Albert Jagger Ltd

Ogley Bros Ltd


L F F Scotland Ltd

Kenex Ltd


Ashe Converting Equipment


Elbesee Products

Strayfield Ltd


Northwick Associates

Bibby's of Halifax Ltd


Cobra Braiding Machinery

Heasell Electromechanical Services Ltd

Panmure Instruments Ltd


R G Foster Textile Machinery Ltd


Teddington Appliance Controls Ltd

D T P Supplies

Spiro-gills Thermal Products

Life Engineering North East Ltd


East Coast Sales

Abbey Heat Transfer Ltd

Kendal Framing

Castle Pumps

Applied Business Techniques

Tait Ltd

Dean's Engineering Supplies

Response Engineering Solutions

Dukeries Textile & Fancy Goods Ltd

S J Translift Ltd

West Wilts Sewing Machine Co. Ltd

A M C O Giffen

A M I Exchangers Ltd

S M Sewing Machines

UK Sewing Machines Service


Lanes for Drains PLC

D & L Small Plant

Pilkingtons Ltd

Jason Abbot Gunmakers Ltd

Guilford Lear

Bradgate Industrial Services Ltd


Proseal Sealants

Dickens Brothers Ltd

B M M Weston

Monarch Knitting Machinery UK Ltd

P W Merkle Ltd

Direct Sewing Machines

Fast Signs

Dowlings Sewing Machines

Matrix International

Four Bags Full


Grade 3 Ltd

Allsop & Francis Ltd

Ebac Industrial Products Ltd

C T M Systems Ltd

Parsons Peebles

Vale Sewing Machines Ltd

Renzacci PLC

M I G Pattern Cutting Services Ltd


Alan Northrop

Harry Smith Hockley Ltd

Moisers Grimsby Ltd

Spectrum Services

Mandale Engraving Co. Ltd

H G Kippax & Sons Ltd

Calibre Engineering Solutions Ltd

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