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Lisi Aerospace

Huttons Ship Chandlers

Compact Orbital Gears

Iscar Tools

Black Box Network Services

Lawton Engineering

J B J Techniques

P C Cox Ltd

P O Joyce Ltd

P F Copeland Ltd


Barkers Engineering

Semba Trading

Guardian Industrial Doors

Ash Services Ltd

Clydeforth Engineers & Contractors Ltd

Engineering Services South West Ltd

Minianchor Ltd

N L S Fabrications Within Pinewood Studios

Multibelt Conveyor Belting Co. Ltd

Clifford Partitioning Co. Ltd

Coster Aerosoles Ltd

The Bristo Fan Co. Ltd

Isaac H Grainger's

Hardy Engineering Ltd

Esco Hydra UK Ltd

Blucher UK

Elstone Engineering Ltd

E S M E Valves

Elland Metal Spinning & Pressing Co. Ltd

Engineering Equipment Company N I Ltd

Ace Systems Ltd


Yorkshire Diamond Products Ltd

A P Benson Roofing & Building Ltd

Acoustic Applications Ltd

Group Components Ltd

Hydraulic System Products Ltd

Shear Ease Ltd

Smiley Fabrications Ltd

Cozens Smith


B M Engineering Supplies

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Global B2B data found on Kompass, the online business directory, for the construction industry which includes 1.7M International companies and more than 900,000 company email addresses. Contact Kompass for more information on how to access this accurate and locally sourced data, available in over 20 languages. The construction industry sector includes companies providing HVAC equipment, hardware and ironmongery, timber products, metal constructions and building contractors.
As well as thousands of detailed product and service categories, we have information on service providers, manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, along with senior company contacts. In the United Kingdom key companies in the industry include Demag Cranes & Components and Ernest Griffiths & Sons Ltd. If you are looking to target companies in the construction sector, Kompass is the ideal data provider giving you access to both accurate & locally sourced company information.