Hospitality, tourism, hotel and catering industries

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Algo Business Centre

Letter Finlay Catering


Mersey Docks & Harbour Company

T Clarkson

Kelsey Park Cafe

The Ormsgill Inn


M S L Global

Eggardon Country Cooks

La Barbe

E T Jones Sons & Daughter

The Chill Bar


Clubsub Diving Centre

Green Fig Catering Company

The Hunt Lodge

Minghella Ice Cream

Conferencing & Catering Within University of Central Lancashire

The Tudor Barn

Cookhouse Hire Ltd

Chaffins Foodservice

Ulster American Folk Park

Nibbles 2 Nosh


Tourism Northern Island

Bramik Foods

C M B Maintenance

Cornish Traditional Cottages

Socamel UK Ltd

Northern Janitorial Supplies

McKechnie Jess

Ross Park Hotel

Jasper's Newcastle

D P Meats

Franke Coffee Systems

Discount Vending Supplies

Gibson Hall

Meal Time Hire

Express Chef

The Assilah Bistro

Riverside Brasserie

The Buttress Group

Cardiff Collection

Road Chef

Canapeum Caterers

Riverdale Hall Hotel & Restaurant

Superior Foods

Smith's Catering

Love Catering

Drakes Tabanco

Wren General Merchants Ltd

Magherabuoy House Hotel Ltd

Experience Holidays

Direct Traveller

Grant & Stone

Commercial Catering Contracts Ltd


Kevendys Travel

Cawder Hall Cottages

A W Curtis & Sons

E I Group PLC

The Yum Yum Food Co. Ltd


A Hire Company

Sporting Lodge Inns

Hartley's Kitchen

William's Food Hall

The Cinnamon Club

Mainstream Foods

Henry Colbeck Ltd

The Crown - Enterprise Inns

Chan's Ltd

Country Ways

Harringay Meat Traders Ltd

Chateau Dessert

Lend Lease


Montague's Catering Partnership Ltd

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