Retail and trading industry

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W Hanson Riverdale Ltd

UK Global Commodities Ltd

West Highland Dairy

Goldcrest Oil


Hallen Import Specialists Ltd

South Yorkshire Vending

Stud Farm

C T C Wholesalers

Christies of Fochabers

Express Signs

L T Mumford

Ahmed Bros Cash & Carry

Waltons Washer Spares Ltd


Harratts Renault

The Welsh Venison Centre

B Sternberg & Sons Ltd

Ransley Hay

Walton Cameras Ltd

Picnic Fayre


Jackstone Freezing Systems Ltd

Parts Export Ltd

R J Holmes Opticians

M Z Oweiss & Sons UK Ltd

J Lawrence Metals

Four Oaks Nursery Ltd

Garforth Building Supplies

L P C Components

Ceramica Impex Ltd

Danagri 3 S Ltd

Smith Metals

F H Bleasdale Timber Ltd

Commercial Engineering Metals Co. Ltd

Langfords Vehicle Dismantlers & Car Spares

Adapt Form Work



Broomfield Opticians

Kimbo UK

T S Foods

John Banks Suzuki

P B S Merchants

Louis Latour Agencies


Office Services

Module Road & Race

A & A Wines

Hospitality Equipment Supplies Ltd

Pharmaron Pharmacy

Turners Test Centre Ltd

Packaging Systems UK & Ireland

Dhamecha Cash & Carry


C & R Grieveson

Ashton Farms

J Day Stoneworks




Zep UK

Piccadilly Motors

Ripon Builders Merchants Ltd


Banbury Safety Supplies

Electrical Deals

Navigator M S L

C M B Maintenance

Planners Services & Sundries Ltd

Green Valley Trading Co

Sign Fx

Cartmel Village Shop

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