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Information technology (IT) and Internet
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Wolverhampton Computers


Connect Distribution Services



Feature3 Ltd

Elf Productivity Ltd

Gladstone Health & Leisure

Data System


Sonic I Q Ltd

Black Box Network Services

Cash Control Justtouch

Arrowvale Electronics


Navertech Ltd

Mintra Ltd

Yokogawa Marex

Eltek Ltd

Core Technical Solutions

Printers Inc


C C R Systems Northern Ltd


Barcoding Solutions

J D A Software

Met Check

Feedback Instruments

Halliburton Electrical Ltd

Cyberpower UK

A I Mediacomms

O & M Electrical Services Ltd

Foremost Products

Abacus Leewell

Excedo Systems Ltd

Hantarex International Ltd

Savant Ltd

Network R O I

Surrey Computer Services

B D S Computer

Exception P C B

Flite Electronics International Ltd

Sidetrack Solutions

Exit Software Ltd



Workflow Solutions

Rockwell Collins

Mallon Technology

West Midland Electrics

Rod's Computing

Act Associates

Crosby Composites

Wight Scientific Ltd

Glendower Caravan Park

Proctor Process Plant Ltd


Arun Technology

Be Memorable

Canon UK Ltd

Synergy Group Sussex Ltd

Getronics Services UK Ltd

The Missing Dimension Ltd

Hi-fi Western Ltd


GB Promotional Products

Compatibility Ltd

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