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Electrical equipment. Nuclear equipment
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Holland House Electrical

Autometers Systems

D C Emergency Systems Ltd

A 1 Electrical

Lawson H I S

Anchor Magnets


J W Electrical

The International Lamp Co. Ltd

Raxton Ltd

Walgher Electrics

Adroit Accessories Ltd

Kenex Ltd

Goodwin Electronics

Optimas Components


The Hampton Works Ltd

Acme Metal Spinning & Bedale

David S Sales Ltd

Future Generation

Multitruck Components Ltd

Charlestown Electrical Co. Ltd

J S T UK Ltd

F G Wilson

Gilbeyco Ltd

Electric Motor Rewinds

Intulux Lighting

Matthew C Blythe & Son Ltd

Trimark Europe

P R V Engineering Ltd

David Beard Sign Associates Ltd


W S Henderson & Son Ltd

A H T Cooling Systems

Celtech UK Electronics Services

Avon Magnetics Ltd

Feller Power Cords

D M S Technologies

C H Fowler & Co

Synatel Instrumentation


High Technology Lighting

Robson & Francis Rewinds

Vortex Communications Ltd

Wessex Advanced Switching Products Ltd

A S G Group Ltd


Powerfactor Ltd

Phasor Services Ltd

B C Electrical Techniques Ltd

West Midland Electrics



Hereford Rewinds Ltd

Mantracourt Electronics

Stockton Heath Electrical

Russell Scientific Instruments Ltd

E G O Products UK Ltd

Albion Manufacturing


Aspen International

Timage & Co. Ltd


The Island Hire Centre

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