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Midland Chandlers

Delta Synergistics Security Systems Ltd

Core Laboratories

Solutech Electronics Ltd

E T Enterprises

Virac Marketing Ltd

Modern Networks

C A Clase

Perancea Ltd

Nottingham Transformers

Gary Duncan Merchanting Ltd

U T C Fire & Security UK Ltd

Peppers Cableglands Ltd

Cooke Optics Ltd

Microclimate International

R P Adam

Schauenburg Technical Solutions

Brian Reece Scientific Ltd

Relec Electronics Ltd

E Preston Electrical Ltd


Mel Secure Systems Ltd

Dunns Imaging

Farm Electronics Ltd

Archers Signs

Crompton Controls

Langley Distribution



Fluid Transfer International

N T Security

Lander Automotive Ltd

Ocean Systems

Bullock & Bosson

Poole Lighting

Mid Essex Systems

Sandpiper a T Ltd

Kabelec Electrical Services

Pinewood Electronics Ltd

Pilogic Ltd


Dual Pumps Ltd

Kratos Analytical

Q M Systems



R L M Packaging Ltd

Lowther Loudspeaker Systems Ltd

Parker Hannifin Ltd

Luso Electronics

Lambda Photometrics

Universal Thermo Censors Ltd

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The Kompass Database includes over 350,000 companies in the electrical, electronics and optical industries. Available in more than 20 languages and covering thousands of detailed product & service categories, the data includes information on service providers, manufacturers, suppliers & exporters, as well as relevant senior contacts. The electrical, electronics and optical industry includes companies providing test & measurement, photographic and telecommunications equipment, as well as electrical components, transformers and cables.
The Kompass database can be accessed through the services EasyBusiness or EasyList, with these services you will gain access to information on over 10 million companies in more than 60 countries. By subscribing to this database you will be able to prospect using key information and quickly develop your business opportunities. If you are looking to target companies in the electrical sector, Kompass is the ideal data provider giving you access to both accurate & locally sourced company information. Key Companies in the United Kingdom include A G W Electronics Ltd and Howard Butler Ltd.