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Means of transport
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Reform & Weld

White River Outdoor

John Grose Group Ltd

Kiwi Colour

Bridge Garage

Car Glass & Trim Ltd

Midland Alloy Ltd

C R F Sections Ltd

Koolway Auto Air Conditioning


Harold R Johns Ltd

Denley Hydraulics


Derby Engineering Ltd

T Hayselden Ltd

Albert Jagger Ltd


T P G Motorcycles

Bollhoff Fastenings Ltd

M T S Engineering

Airport Motors Ltd

Ses Mobility Ltd

W Bertram & Sons Ltd



Ace Lifts Ltd

Avon Coaches

Buckingham & Stanley Group

Tanvic Group

Hughes Mini Services

The 2 C V Shop

Metmachex Engineering

Chapel House Garage

Beech Motors St Austell Ltd

Claydon Architectural Metalwork Ltd

Stone Marine Propulsion Ltd

Butlers Mobile Systems

Paul Sheard Autos Ltd

Remar Safety Services Ltd

John Banks Suzuki

Power Transmission South West

Gobur Caravans Ltd

Marlec Marine

John Lawrie Aberdeen Ltd

J R Grieves & Co Embleton Ltd

John Crane UK Ltd

Vehictech Services

Wheel Repair Centre

Northwick Associates

Ashbrook Garage Ltd


Feather Diesel Services

Millvale Engineering Ltd

Plantcraft Ltd

Red Box Engineering Ltd

Hamble Propellers Ltd

Gotham Car Sales

Crowther Marine

Multitruck Components Ltd

M K M Agriculture

Kort Propulsion

Isocon Engineering

Faun Trackway Ltd

A L Gordon Engineering

Blaker Specialised Welding Repairs Ltd

J C B Cab Systems

Scully UK Ltd

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