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Basic metal products
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A J N Steelstock

Arraquip Ltd

R & R Engineering Ltd

Roba Metals Ltd



O I W Steels Ltd

Online Engineering Ltd

Eastway Converting Ltd

F I S Chemicals

I S & G Steel Stockholders Ltd

Fairport Engineering

Wincro Metal Industries Ltd

Hayling Industrial Ltd

Waring Engineering Ltd

R K Atkinson Ltd

D D S Metals & Plastics

St Davids Assemblies

Aluminium Droitwich

Revolution Engineering Supplies Ltd

Sear Engineering Services Ltd

Darwins Holdings

Steelzone UK Access Ltd


Wielands Metals Birmingham Ltd

Total Carbide

B A S Castings

Acton Bright Steel

Ayrshire Metals Ltd

Ryobi Aluminium Casting UK Ltd

Thomas Ford Smithfield Ltd

A P M Metals Ltd

Richard Austin Alloys

Bedford Stainless Ltd

Steelmasters Ltd



E C U Testing

Aluminium Shapes

George Ausden Ltd


K C S Herrvoss UK Ltd

Nefco Multi Metals Ltd

Longwear Ltd

Top Table Hire Ltd

Toyota Tsusho Metals Ltd

Cronimet Great Britain Ltd

Beamline Steel Ltd

Times Design


Grow & Show Ltd

Spartan UK Ltd

Nova Trimmings Ltd

Materion Brush Ltd

Rochdale Springs

Cadisch Precision Meshes Ltd

Ferndown Fabrications Ltd

Folglade Pipe & Fittings Ltd

Heymark Metals Ltd

Lebronze Alloys

P & D Northern Steels Ltd

Remaned UK

Humber Inspection International Ltd

Diffusion Alloys Ltd

Manchester Alloys & Metals

South Lincs Construction Ltd

Andover Fabrications Ltd

Mentor Lock & Safe Co

Ballachree Ltd

Foilco Ltd

Salon Sales Ltd

Leggett & Platt Automotive Group

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