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Basic metal products
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James Killelea & Co. Ltd

A J N Steelstock

Columbia Metals Ltd

Genwork Ltd

Chemox Pound Ltd

Photon Beard

Lost Wax Development Ltd

Bird Stainless

Archibald Kenrick & Sons

Elite Solutions Engineering Ltd

Avon Steel

Dylan UK Ltd

A P L Industrial Ltd

B L Castings

Acton Finishing

Range Steel Stockholders

Milden Steels Ltd

Mason Metals

Van Leeuwen

Times Design

Nemco Metals

Mincon Carbide Ltd

Derim Steels Ltd

Rowan Cable Products Ltd

Arthur Oakley Transport Ltd

Gilmour Tools

United Steels

Lowley Engineering Ltd

Cold Formed Products

Goodwood Metalcraft Ltd

A Howe

Barrington Metalworks Ltd

Accord Engineering

Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd


Makin Metal Powders UK Ltd

Essex Replica Castings Ltd

M H Hall & Sons Ltd

Crendon Timber Engineering Ltd

Christmas Stockholders Ltd

Pitchford Steelstock Ltd

Sarginsons Industries Ltd

Darwins Holdings

Chemical Corporation UK Ltd

Engineering Services Bridgend Ltd

Wielands Metals Birmingham Ltd

Reliance Pattern Making Ltd

Afon Tinplate Co. Ltd

G Bopp

London Engineers Pattern Co. Ltd

John H Place Steels Ltd

William Cook Cast Products Ltd

Holden Aluminium Technologies Ltd

Colsec Ltd

Croftsure Engineering

Halo Steel Ltd

Metal Salvage Ltd

Kelvin Steels Ltd

Bromford Iron & Steel Co. Ltd

Irons Brothers

Derwen Tooling Ltd

Dyfed Steels


Grip Steel Reinforcements Ltd

Mill Stainless Stockholders Ltd

F M S Foils Group

Hooton Engineering

Exactweld GB Ltd

Acaster Steel Ltd

Ferrari Stainless & Alloys Ltd

Humber Inspection International Ltd

Copper & Automotive Washer Co. Ltd


Gordian Strapping Ltd

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