International organisations, administrations and associations

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Angus Council Environmental Consumer Protection

Academy Networks

Highlands & Islands Enterprise

Association of Recruitment Consultancies

Hazmat Logistics

Hawes Associates


Institution of Railway Operators

Trade Union Congress

Haughton Design Ltd

The Pottery Project


McAlpine Grant Ilco Ltd

British Institute of Cleaning Science Ltd

Mickledore Ltd


The Society of Operations Engineers

Maynard Heady LLP

Confederation of Passenger Transport UK


Advertising Producers Association

Concorde Marketing Services Ltd

Page White & Farrer

Motex Ltd

UK India Business Council

Media Smart

Kestrel Networks

Independent Print Industries Association

Grassroots Systems Ltd

The Racecourse Association Ltd

Rose Regeneration


Chartered Institute of Credit Management

British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association

Panad Site Services Ltd

International Union of Aerospace Insurers

Northern Health & Social Care Trust


Institute of Swimming

The Institution of Diesel & Gas Turbine Engineers

R F C Recruitment Solutions Ltd

The Grain & Feed Association


Classic Car Club

Scomac Services

Kemps Publishing

The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts

Londonderry Chamber of Commerce

S P H Plant Ltd

Crimewatch Alarms Ltd

R D Cresswell & Co. Ltd

Response I T

Flaming Ltd

Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

Francesco Group

Carbon Capture & Storage Association

H T L Support Ltd

Energy UK


Database Development

Kiwa Ltd

Vickers Company Formations

Business Energy & Industrial Strategy

Epilepsy Action

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Rowham Steel Ltd


J-ross Developments Ltd

Beck Greener

Advantage Austrian Trade Commission


Appleton Company Services Ltd

D M A Group

Wellden Turnbull Chartered Accountants

The Intellectual Property Office

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