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Clothing and footwear
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C & W Berry Ltd

Quayside Group

Captivair Pneumatics Ltd

Arivatex Ltd

Cookson & Clegg

Ermin Plant

Complete Costumes

Pushchairs & Car Seats

Peter Hogarth & Sons Ltd

Pattersons Bristol Ltd

Sancto Ltd

Quantum Clothing Group Ltd

Torpedo Factory Stage

Wide Fit Shoes


Elite Custom Clothing Ltd

Snickers Workwear

Thomas B Bonnett

D L Industrial

Tollgate Hardware

Snowdrop Independent Living

Mega Electronics Ltd

Breaking Free Ltd

The Big Umbrella Company Ltd


Lewis's Medical Supplies

J W Brown Industrial Supplies

Headen & Quarmby Manufacturing Ltd

Joseph Firth Engineers Merchants

Thomas Potter

Phoenix Dental Castings Ltd

Henri Lloyd

Moore Bros Orthopaedic Footwear Ltd

Factor Safe Ltd

G R Fasteners

Multineeds Engineering & Allied Products


Impress Promotional Products Ltd

Clarion Golf Management & Marketing

Code Promotional Merchandise


Simon Jersey Group Ltd

Winfields Outdoors

A S K for Service


Minatol Ltd

Johnstons of Elgin

Burkes of Cornascriebe

Drake Tooling & Abrasives Ltd

Owen Barry Ltd

Harbro Supplies Ltd

Jays Racewear

Harlequin Designs

H Grossman

Berendsen Supply Chain

Thornbury Beauty Salon

Creature Clothes

Fashion at Work

Wealden Saddlery


Clarks International

Nova of London Ltd

Philpott & Cowlin Ltd

Speak's Workwear

B C B International Ltd

Garrison Dales Ltd

The Dinghy Store

Condici Ltd

Carlex Ltd

H M Hosiery

Betheny Workwear


A W B Textiles

Central Safety Ltd

Browntex Ltd

Plastics W Graham Ltd

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