Chemical plant and equipment industry

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Chemical industry plant and equipment
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Tecan UK Ltd


M P Filtri

Glenammer Engineering

Westford Plastics Ltd

A M Glassware Ltd

Aqua Cure Scotland Ltd

Gilwood Fabricators Co. Ltd

Elite Solutions Engineering Ltd

Rospen Industries

H M Steeltech Ltd

Valves Instruments Plus

E P E UK Ltd

Hydramatic Engineering Solutions


L A S Aerospace Ltd

Southern Weighing

G C Ogle & Sons Ltd

Garafit Services Ltd

Toko Uk Ltd

Hyaltech Ltd


Crompton & Royton Golf Club

Pharma Hygiene Products

Unics UK Ltd

Nottingham Rehab Supplies Ltd

Power Utilities Group



Bluelimit Surveys Ltd

Suffolk Plant Machinery Ltd

Rotec Hydraulics


Parsons Peebles

Ambient Air Conditioning UK Ltd

East Coast Sales

St John's Sawmill

Mono Equipment

Dennis Barnfield Ltd

A T I Ltd

Bowen Water Systems

VJ Tech Ltd

Millipore UK Ltd


Optical Filters


Master Magnets

Haven Engineering Projects Ltd

D E C Technical Services

Moorfield Vacuum Components

Future Industrial Services Ltd

A V S Fencing

M C Air Filtration Ltd

Total Lab Supplies

Centre Tank Services

Hilton Instruments Ltd

Dynamic Air

Fellowes Ltd

E D T Direct Ion Ltd

Viking Life Saving Equipment

Nicholls & Clarke

Mount Plant Group

Excel Machine Tools Ltd

Blackfive Engineering Ltd

Nickel - Electro


Heasell Electromechanical Services Ltd

C A S Filtration Media Specialists

Macey Controls Ltd


Marine Ventures Ltd

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