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Tubesheet Ltd

Tubesheet was established in 1985 and has since then become the leading player in precision engineered components and the supply of Tube Sheets and Heat Exchanger Plates, non-ferrous forged and rolled tube Heat Exchanger Plates, primarily for use in the heat exchanger industry. To maintain this standard, we rely on a simple but effective philosophy: we aim to provide the highest product quality and best customer service. In addition to offering top quality Precision Engineered Components, Tube Sheets and Heat Exchanger Plates, Tubesheet employs qualified metallurgists, capable of advising and assessing customer.s individual needs. You will find that we are highly flexible and willing to adapt our processes to meet the needs of new customers, while giving existing customers the quality and service they have come to expect over the years. naval brass plate, naval brass, naval brass tubesheet, ASTM B171 C46400, ASME SB171, C46400, 70/30 copper nickel, 70/30 copper nickel plate, Cu/Ni plate, ASTM B171 C71500, ASME SB171 C71500, NES780, 70/30 forgings, 90/10 copper nickel plate, 90/10 copper nickel, 90/10 forgings, ASTM B171 C70600, ASME SB171 C70600, nickel aluminium bronze plate, aluminium bronze plate, ASME SB171 C63000, ASTM B171 C63000, ASME SB171, C61400, ASTM B171 C61400, alum bronze, copper alloys, copper alloy plate, tubesheet machining, tubesheet drilling, heat exchanger parts, cnc machining, tubesheet, tubeplate, tubesheets, tubeplates, baffles

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Amari Copper Alloys

Amari Copper Alloys (ACA) is a specialist stockholder, processor and distributor of Copper, Brass and Bronze in all semi-finished forms including Bar, Hollow Bar, Rod, Wire, Sections & Extrusions, Plate, Sheet and Tube. With well over 1,000 stock items comprising a 2000 tonne stock, backed by extensive processing facilities and sourcing expertise, ACA can supply any requirement, large or small, to customers nationwide. Being specialists, the team at ACA provide customers with unrivalled support and service including technical and product selection advice. The company operates a quality system audited to ISO9002 ensuring full product traceability back to the point of manufacture. Strip and Slitting / Rotary Shearing Service A particular speciality is Copper strip and foil with an unrivalled stock range from 0.025mm to 2.0mm thick plus four precision slitting lines, providing bespoke widths right down to 3mm. Plate and sheet ACA stocks a wide range of sheet and plate alloys in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Brass sheet CW508L-H095 (CZ 108 Half Hard) is available from stock with a bright polished finish and a protective PVC coating. Cut sizes as well as including circles, rings and irregular shapes are provided to customers requirements. Special finishes as well as protective PVC or lacquer coatings are also available. Tubing ACA stocks a wide range of Copper and Brass Engineering, Decorative, Condenser and Heat Exchanger tube including solid drawn brass tube and copper-nickel tube. Sections and Special Extrusions ACA stocks standard sections such as flat, square, hexagon and angle plus various bespoke shapes for particular industries and/or individual customers. We have an outstanding range of available sections, and we are able to source bespoke special sections for you should you require. Wire and rod THE ACA stock range of bar/rod, hollow bar and wire is unequalled spanning a wide variety of alloys in a huge number of sizes: # Copper, Brass and Aluminium Bronze # Round & Hexagon # Square, Flat & Angle So whether it's small quantities of unusual specifications, fast supply of standards or contract call-off requirements, Amari Copper Alloys has the resources to meet most demands.

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