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Echo Managed Services

Derby Express Couriers Ltd

Cab Reviews

G M R Boat & Yacht Transport

Rand Logistics

Ineedbroadband Ltd

Broadcast R F

1 Affordable Call

Driver Trett

Scorpion International UK Ltd

Rainbow International

Pure Talk

Live Web Chat

Lanamar Montupet Light Metal Casting

Telecomms Distribution Ltd

Take Five Studio

Duncan & Todd

Talk for Less Communications

Gteq Solutions

Inbox Income

Crest Reprographics Northern Ltd

Vitec Group



Extera Ltd

Benair Airfreight Services

Diebold Nixdorf

Weathernews UK Ltd

P R Fulfilment

Complete I T

Mouse UK

Chameleon Codewing Ltd

Essential Computing Ltd


D P S S Cabling Services Ltd

J B Communications Ltd

D S P G Ltd

A M Courier Services


R J Cortel Ltd

Time Communications

Rig Net

Andrew Pickles Sameday Courier

Jaytag Computer Ltd


Y W A M Harpenden

Diamond Logistics

Corniche International Couriers

One Connect

Voice 2 Voice Ltd

Dialect Telecom Ltd

Just Couriers

Meldrum Direct Mail Ltd

Sunley Communications


North of England Wools Ltd

Packpost Services Ltd

T S P Car Park Management Ltd

Lynx UK Ltd

Pan Ex

Ant Marketing

Global Virtual Interviews

Genesys Communications


Fairway & Kenwood

Document Despatch

Teleconnect Service Ltd

N & N Couriers

Asmac & Co Surfacing Ltd

Central Direct Mailing Euro Ltd


Postal & Courier Etc

Abakhan Fabrics

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Global B2B data found on Kompass, the online business directory, for the postal services, telecommunications, radio and television industries which contains 138,000 companies, 130,000 phone numbers and more than 60,000 company email addresses. Available in more than 20 languages and covering thousands of detailed product and service categories, the data includes information on suppliers, service providers and exporters, as well as relevant contacts. If you are looking to target companies in this sector, Kompass is the ideal data provider giving you access to both accurate and locally sourced company information.
Prospect easily by Postal services, telecommunications, radio and television firms specializing in specific markets on the Kompass worldwide database using targeted search options. View detailed company data including Postal services, telecommunications, radio and television for firms that is organised by market on the Kompass global database using a comprehensive range of search tools.
Based in more than 60 countries, the Kompass international company directory which is free to access offering locally sourced trustworthy business data which is often updated. For each company available in our B2B database, access company size, products or services, contact information and at least one phone number which will be available. Having access to several criteria offers a number of likely benefits for your sales and marketing activities, with data included such as activities, phone number, office address, who’s who, turnover, and more…
ByPath, can empower you with both measureable data through Big Data sourced online and quality data that is sourced from the Kompass database, helping you to build a more successful business development strategy. Find new relevant leads with ByPath, the business sales intelligence solution based on Big Data that gathers data in the billions from the web and the Kompass database to convey strategic information that can help your business grow. Identify new ways of working outside the typical channels. Every day, the solution sends targeted alerts focused on your target markets. ByPath is the precise tool to help you keep updated of your prospects online activities ! Access ByPath, the Business Sales Intelligence solutionservice created by Kompass to help you improve your social selling strategies and your capacity to perform more successful Social Media Marketing.