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Engines and mechanical parts
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Burton Power


Baring Transmission & Pneumatics

Barrel & Garden

Thames Marine Engineering Ltd

Fischer Engineering Products UK Ltd

C V S Pentapower

A Woods Agricultural Engineering

Lamond & Murray Ltd

Burkard Scientific

Norman Haynes Ltd

Leicester Radiators

R G B Products Ltd

Zeftec Ltd

Servac International Marine Technology

R L C UK Ltd

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd

P G Reeves & Sons

Dean's Engineering Supplies

S R Transmissions


Captivair Pneumatics Ltd

Simply Bearings Ltd

Caterpillar Shrewsbury Ltd

Flangecombe Ltd

Vertical Pumps Ltd

Stapling & Nailing Supplies Ltd

R Baker Electrical Ltd

Busch Vacuums

Ram Reman Hydraulics

Red Rose Engineering

Roadlink International

Owen Springs

Armstrong Lyon Hydraulics Ltd

Golz UK Ltd

Car Parts Industries UK Ltd

Cee Vee Engineering Ltd

Kort Propulsion

Midland Turbo

Oerlikon Neomet Ltd

Gates Tyres

Lancing Marine

C B S Products K T Ltd

Voltcom Group

Heritage Flooring

Nelson Hydraulics Ltd

N D B Engineering Ltd

Hazledine Electronics Telford Ltd



Torqueflow Sydex

Johnson Valves

Cadisch Precision Meshes Ltd

The Bearing Mart


Armstrong Hydraulic Services Hull Ltd

Orbic Bearings Ltd

Capital Springs & Pressings Ltd

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