Ore and minerals industry

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C A S Filtration Media Specialists

Fairport Engineering

Lagan Cement Group Ltd

Irish Feeds

Peter Fitzpatrick Ltd

Moore & Sons Ltd


Neil Bartlett Haulage Ltd

Westminster Stone

Nynas UK

Saint Barbara LLP

Brick House Ceramics

D A Baldwin & Son

F J Need Foods Ltd

Uk H 2 O

Patmore Water Softeners

L K A B Minerals Ltd

Richard Baker Harrison Ltd

Warm Seas Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd

N Y Environmental

Low Sodium Sea Salt Co

Anything Stone

Anglo Pacific

Anglo American


Highland Gold Mining

Keith Mount Liming Ltd

R E Knowles Ltd

Buttles Builders Merchant

L K A B Minerals

Vitcas Ltd

Morris & Perry Ltd

Dri Pak Ltd

Johnsons Wellfield

Feed Water Ltd

Kedek Ltd

Bowen Water Systems

Hoben International Ltd


J Harrison & Sons Coal Merchants

Richard Williams

F Peart & Co

Wilson Resource Ltd

P B Gelatins UK

Geejay Chemicals Ltd

Thornbury Sports Ltd

The Mineral Products Association

Birmingham Metal

Welsh Slates

B H P Billiton

Maldon Salt Company

Capital Refractories

I P S Ceramics

Tile Giant

D M T Consulting Ltd

British Salt Ltd

Mr Wood's Fossils


John Bedwell Ltd Anglian Salt

Command Alkon Ltd

Chandler Material Supplies Ltd

Marketminster Ltd

European Salt


W J & H Crozier

E Purslow & Son Ltd

Attwater Group

B & D Clays

Life Plan Products

Mix & Batch 2000 Ltd

Tile Mountain

Gothers Moor Fabrications

Tolsa UK

Wessex Salt

Red Sea Salt Ltd

Arcadia Petroleum Ltd

Sterling Softeners

Jays Refractory Specialists Ltd

G M B Associates

East Midlands Water Company

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