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Paper and board
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The Masking Shop



Aaran Design Ltd

Point Contact Hygienesis

L & S Irving Ltd

Hannington Gilbert & Co. Ltd

Piroto Labelling Ltd


Hanbury Autogil

Small Envelope Co

Salmon Printers & Publishers

J Hewit & Sons Ltd

Addtime Recording

Cadillac Plastic Ltd

Autumn Publishing

Aylesbury Box Co

Advanced Packaging Materials

Barcoding Solutions


U P M Raflatac

Business Technology Support Ltd

Adcal Labels Ltd

Corners Direct

Thorpe Packaging


Isca Bags

Meech International

Avery Knight & Bowlers Engineering Ltd

P S G Group Ltd

The Manchester Rubber Stamp Company Ltd

Murray Packaging Ltd

Grey Simmonds Food Services & Equipment Ltd

Direct Paper Agents Ltd

I B S Tapes Ltd


Provincial Rubber



J H Office Supplies

Consumable Products Ltd

Grantham Manufacturing Ltd

Cores & Tubes

R P Business Forms Ltd

Datamail Solutions

Suttons Envelopes

R H Nuttall

Owen Kerr Signs

Amplitude Events Solutions Ltd

Entaprint Ltd

Floormart Ltd

Acme Seals Ltd


D S Smith

Weller Packaging

Euro Label Printers

Tremco Illbruck Ltd

Elite Custom Clothing Ltd


Allen Glenold Ltd


Metric Envelopes

Hadleigh Enterprises Ltd

Hayley Morris Photography

Cleveland Technologies Ltd

Glatfelter UK Ltd

Jiffy Packaging

Abbey Stationers Ltd


Edward Keirby & Co. Ltd

Finnmade Furniture Solutions Ltd

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