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Greene Tweed

Hale Hamilton Valves Ltd

Coventry Turned Parts Ltd

Gordian Strapping Ltd

T T Automotive

The Crosby Group


C R F Sections Ltd

Hamble Propellers Ltd

Minianchor Ltd

Pitchford Steelstock Ltd

Kevmar Precision Engineering Ltd

Bann Engineering Co. Ltd

Eves the Engineers


Abbey Steel & Shearing Co. Ltd

Exe Engineering Co. Ltd

Jones Springs Engineering Ltd

Ace Ceiling Products

Engineering Equipment Company N I Ltd

Group Components Ltd

Ogley Bros Ltd

Schaeffler UK

P W Resistance Welding Products Ltd

Koppen & Lethem

A M B Stainless & Non-ferrous Ltd

Avon Road Mark Ltd


Engineering Services Bridgend Ltd

Robert Cupitt Ltd

Vista Products

Emuge Franken

Crescent Metal Spinning Co

Elstone Engineering Ltd

Boorg Enginerring Ltd

Gosnay's Engineering Co. Ltd

Hadleigh Castings Ltd

Abwood Machine Tools



A C Haines Engineering Ltd

Clydeforth Engineers & Contractors Ltd

Carlisle Fluid Technology

Meiser UK Ltd

Dyform Jenkins Dunn

Mechtronic Industries Ltd

Central Electrical

Bowdell Steel Services Ltd

Hampshire Hose Services Ltd

Abco Engineering Hydraulics

Billington Structures Ltd

Abbott & Co Newark Ltd

David Brown Santasalo

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Global B2B data found on Kompass, the online business directory, for the metals, machinery and engineering industries which includes 450,000 International companies and more than 300,000 company email addresses. Contact Kompass for more information on how to access this accurate and locally sourced data, available in over 20 languages. This sector includes companies providing steel and metal stock, pumps, valves and engines, metalworking machinery and industrial contractors.
As well as thousands of detailed product and service categories, we have information on manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, along with senior company contacts. In the United Kingdom key companies in the industry include Elesa (UK) Ltd and T & K Precision Ltd . If you are looking to target companies in the metal, machinery and engineering sector Kompass is the ideal data provider giving you access to both accurate & locally sourced company information.