Quarried stone industry

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Mercia Roadstone Ltd

Morris Granite & Marble Co

Tarmac Caledonian Ltd

Crestala Fencing & Construction Co. Ltd

D & M Connell

Peter D Stirling Ltd

James Chambers Timber Merchants

Darrington Quarries

M & D H Insurance Services Ltd

Jones & Shuffs Building & Plumbing Supplies

Willis Westcott Ltd

J O'Shea & Sons

G E Collis & Sons Ltd

B R Centre Ltd

Filon Products Ltd

Atlas Trading Group Ltd

Blyth Marble

Corinium Carpets

Rock Unique Within the Select Garden Centre

Stratford Tile Warehouse Ltd



J E Fuller Ltd


Thomas Armstrong Ltd


S I G Beddington

Bolt Building Supplies Ltd

Great Harwood Reclamation Centre

Braas Monier Building Group

Tile City

Lime Stuff

Independent Roofing Supplies Ltd

Eclipse Roofing Ltd

J J Prior Ltd


Billrick Ltd

Bulk Minerals Ltd

B & M Concrete Ltd

Forterra Red Bank

Aaron Aggregate Supplies

Bridgend Aggregates

Rivar Sand & Gravel Ltd

David S Sales Ltd

Neal Soil Suppliers Ltd

Lhoist UK

Poolman Patios & Landscaping

J & R Marble

Peter Brothers Ltd

Hunsdon Marble

Kerneos Ltd

Island Aggregates Ltd

Ionic Stone

Hoddam Contracting Co. Ltd

Jay Dee Aquatics

Acre Lane Builders Merchants

Manimpex Management Ltd

Storefield Aggregates

J C Phillips & Son Ltd

Boyden & Co. Ltd

Cware Pantgwyn Quarry Ltd

Raven Roofing Supplies

Anything Stone

Paving Centre Online

Jubilee Building Supplies

The Marble Workshop

The Direct Tableware Co. Ltd

W C L Quarries

William Kirby & Sons Ltd

Roofline High Wycombe Ltd

Armstrong Roofing Components Ltd

Raven Roofing Supplies


D F L Landscaping Supplies

R J Donaghy & Sons

R E Knowles Ltd

Hogan Aggregates Ltd

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