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Sancto Ltd

Graingate Ltd

Plasmold Precision

Gravutex Eschmann

T & T Health UK Ltd

Oral Care Innovations Ltd

Emerson & Renwick

Multitruck Components Ltd

Carlisle Fluid Technology

Weener Plastics Norwich Ltd

Boeh Ringer Ingelheim & Merial


Avon Road Mark Ltd

Acme Seals Ltd

Butser Rubber

Gilmex International Ltd

Dockerills Brighton Ltd


Lee Floorstok

Stay Sure Tyres

H L Plastics

Tuf Treads Dyfed Ltd

Sallis Health Care

Coopers Needleworks Ltd

S M S Technologies

T S Resins Ltd

Ellis Components

Conex Universal Ltd

Multiabrasive Ltd

Walraven Ltd

Roechling Engineering Plastics UK Ltd

Greene Tweed


Plowden & Thompson

Gordon Ellis

R F D Beaufort Ltd

Cornwall Brothers

Sensient Industrial Colors

Akzo Nobel Industrial Coatings


J R D Rubber Mouldings Ltd

East Essex Dental Laboratory Ltd

Beaumont T M Ltd

Duroy Fibre Glass Mouldings

Power Transmission South West

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The Kompass Database includes over 800,000 companies in the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry. Available in more than 20 languages and covering thousands of detailed product & service categories, the data includes information on manufacturers, suppliers & exporters, as well as relevant contacts. The chemical and pharmaceutical industry includes companies providing rubber and plastic products, chemical base materials, pharmaceutical preparations and chemical plant.
If you are looking to target companies in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, Kompass can give you access to both accurate & locally sourced company information. Key companies in the UK include Advanced Plastic Technology and Fistreem International Ltd. The Kompass database can be accessed through EasyBusiness where you will gain access to information on over 10 million companies in more than 60 countries. By subscribing to this database you will be able to prospect using key information and quickly develop your business opportunities.