Civil and marine engineering contracting industries

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Metalblast Ltd

Corpro Systems

Howard Construction Anglia Ltd

Fairport Engineering

Rebar Engineering Design Ltd

Welland & Deepings Internal Drainage Board

S Y D Bishop & Sons Demolition Ltd

R O Donaghey Building & Civil Engineering Ltd

Supervision Assured Ltd


Groundwork Services Durham Ltd


Hughes & Salvidge

H G Construction Ltd

Billy Miller Contractor & Plant Hire

Stewart & McConnell Derry Ltd

The Monobuoy Company Ltd

Modern Plant Hire Ltd

Kenlite Electrics Ltd

Pro-plan Projects Ltd

Durman Stearn

R W Bennett & Son

Dalziel & Pow Design Consultants Ltd

R M Linemarkings

Metro Deconstruction Services Ltd


Windermere Aquatic Ltd

Whitchurch Bridge

Future Industrial Services Ltd


Forward Protective Coating

Jim Davies Civil Engineering Ltd


N H P Romsey Ltd

Blackwatch Petroleum Services


London Drainage Facilities


Saxton Drilling Ltd

C V C Drains

T & G Irrigation

Poulton Remedial Services


Smith Construction Group

Rock & Alluvium

Traffic Direct

Taranto Ltd

Aquarod Drainage Servcies Ltd

Hooton Engineering

Robert Brown

Owen Oil Tools

Amos Pumps

M G Drainage Ltd

Raynesway Construction Ltd

Future Industrial Services Ltd

Miller Drainage

Pike Signals Ltd

Liverpool Water Witch

Godlingston Manor Springs Ltd

Aquamole Drain & Sewer Clearance

Maritime Developments

Bowen Water Systems

H C Lewis & Co. Ltd

Drain Services Ltd

Deep Star Subsea

H B the Mini Piling Company

D4 Drains


Holman Engineering Co. Ltd

Geneva Engineering

Universal Group

N & G Ceilings & Partitions Ltd



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