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G B S Solar Ltd

Easy Load

Zenith Global

Albutt Ltd

E P H S H B Ltd


Brewis Engineering Ltd

Peter Fitzpatrick Ltd

Ultra-Violet Products Ltd

Morris Mellett Ltd

Hayward & Cook Ltd

Neath Valve & Engineering Co. Ltd

Maskell Heating Services Ltd

Integrated Energy Systems International Ltd

Optima International Ltd

Robert Sanderson

Pennington Choices


Mil-tek UK

D P D S Consulting

Sunuser Ltd

Max Fordham LLP

L K Group

Amgen Cymru

Hudson Waste Ltd

G Sait Ltd


Blackburn Products

Pressure Integrity Ltd

Westford Plastics Ltd

Filta G M G Ltd

Fulcrum Group Holdings


Bauer Equipment UK Ltd

Curtis Insulation

Hotline Horizont Ltd

Western Global

Securiburn Northern Incinerators GB Ltd

Southern Asbestos Services Ltd


British Society of Dowsers

Greenstar Ltd

Johnston Sweepers

Professional Hygiene

Foster Design Associates


F & W Hetherington Ltd

Fairport Engineering

Vaponics Ltd

Honeywell Analytics

Servac International Marine Technology

Deane Austin Associates

Alwin Ltd

The Robert Gibbs Contracting Co. Ltd

Goodwater Ltd

Cumbria Loos

Southern Asbestos Solutions

Goldhill Metals

McLaughlin Drainage

Tom White Waste

Dragon Waste

South West Pipeworks

Mechanical Cleansing Services

Green Box Recycling

Carmarthen Recycling & Environmental Services

B M T UK 2 Ltd

E Rand & Sons Ltd

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The Kompass Database includes over 200,000 companies worldwide in the energy and environmental industry. Available in more than 20 languages and covering thousands of detailed product & service categories, the data includes information on service providers, manufacturers, suppliers & exporters, as well as relevant senior contacts. The energy and environmental industry includes companies providing oil & gas plant, environmental and renewable energy services as well as energy, water and fuel companies.
The Kompass database can be accessed through the services EasyBusiness or EasyList, with these services you will gain access to information on over 10 million companies in more than 60 countries. By subscribing to this database you will be able to prospect using key information and quickly develop your business opportunities. If you are looking to target companies in the energy and environmental sector, Kompass is the ideal data provider giving you access to both accurate & locally sourced company information. Key Companies in the United Kingdom include Fistreem International Ltd and Cleansorb Ltd.