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Cleansorb Ltd

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Proprietary speciality chemicals for downhole applications requiring acidising, polymer breaking, removal of hydrocarbons, sand consolidation or fluid shut off. Includes fluids for in-situ production of acid after the treatment fluid has been placed. This gives excellent acid placement and zonal coverage across long horizontal wellbores and deep into oil/gas reservoirs. Products are used to treat; oil and gas production wells; water and gas injection wells and water production wells. Key applications include: Treatment of formation damage; Treatment of drilling fluid damage from water based or oil based muds and drill-in fluids; Deep matrix acidizing of carbonate formations; Stimulation of natural fracture networks in carbonate formations; Acidizing poorly consolidated sandstone formations. Products are low hazard, low environmental impact, derived from renewal resources, easy to use and are highly effective.

Key phrases: Acidising Oil Field
  Key phrases: Acidizing Oil Field
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Year established 1994
Registration no 02974002
Type of company Head Office
VAT GB 664 6466 04
Fax +44 1483 300109
Website http://www.cleansorb.com


  • Acidgen 

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  • Acidgen HA 

  • Arcasolve 

  • Arcasolve ORCA 

  • CS-SAFI 


  • Nat West


Area : Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, Central/East Europe, West. Europe, North America, Central America, South America

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Dr. R Harris


Dr. I McKay


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