Precious stoneworking, watchmaking and jewellery industries

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Precious stoneworking, watchmaking and jewellery
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Werk by T C J Designs

Bella Figura

Fire & Iron

Boundary Gate & Barrier Contracts Ltd

Burton McCall

Hydraquip Hose & Hydraulics

Apex Signs


Mandale Engraving Co. Ltd

Eglen Engravers

Sangamo Ltd

Focus Organic

W Bryer & Sons Ltd

C B G Trade Ltd

Chards Ltd

N Cumberlidge

Walker Signs

Fancy Fencing Ltd

Life Engineering North East Ltd

Anchor Company

Adept Fireplace Installations

Gibsons Engraving

Blue Geranium

Citizen Watch

E G O Products UK Ltd

Kernowcraft Rocks & Gems Ltd

Frederick Allen

F Kitchen Lancaster Ltd


Draper Tools

Global Fasteners Ltd

Eric N Smith

Frank Herring & Sons

A Line Jewellery Ltd

L H Evans Electrical Wholesalers


Essex Regalia

Charles Green

A Cooper

G & T

Initial Concept Solutions

Viking Signs

H L Brown

Gateland North East Ltd

Trophies International Ltd

Robinson Goldsmiths

UK Catering Ltd

ITS Plant Tech Limited

Lesser & Pavey Ltd

Colin Spofforth Studio

Trophy Megastore

Charles Farris

F D Metal Craft

Silver Wire Designs

Meadows & Passmore Ltd

Lister Horsfall

Krishnika Jewellers

Enforce Logic

Parsons Peebles


Garnier Jewellers

S J Translift Ltd

Northern Engraving

Tidyware Products

Wrought Iron Specialist

Sorrill & Coley Ltd

Calibre Engineering Solutions Ltd

Daniels Silver & Marcasite Ltd

W Downing

Northampton Time Recorders Ltd

Luke Howgate & Son Ltd

Hester Clarke Fine Jewellers

Regent Publicity

Express Welding & Engineering Ltd

G Music & Sons Ltd


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