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Fowlmere Engineering Ltd

Pool N Spa Services

Lovibiond Colour Measurement

S H L Refractories UK Ltd

R C Coppin Ltd

Tullyleek Pre-cast Concrete

Island Leisure


Materion Brush Ltd

R J Donaghy & Sons

Avery Knight & Bowlers Engineering Ltd

Ashbridge Concrete


Procter Fencing & Concrete Products

Gaas Flooring

World of Picture Frames

William B Swift Ltd

Control Waterjet Cutting

Trade Frames

Servaclean Bar Systems Ltd

Facets Glass Restoration


G Swift

Ross Hillman Ltd

Workshop Gallery & Ceramics Workshop

Saracen Safe & Security

Hunter Art & Tile Studio

I Hamilton & Sons Ltd

Beresford's Flooring Ltd

Ervin Amasteel

Newbury Tools

Douglas Swan & Son

Selective Koi Sales

Wear Valley Aerosols

Approved Fire Appliances

Pura Bathrooms Ltd

Authentic Reclamation Ltd

J F Goodwillie Ltd


T G Lynes Ltd

Backer Electric Company

Hayling Industrial Ltd


Plastercast Ltd

New Clad Ltd

Hail Engineering

Omicron Engineering

J W Grant

Piper Toughened Glass

Allied Glass Containers Ltd

Covershield Ltd

Dobson Gaskets

Moorland Pottery Ltd

Nazeing Glassworks Ltd

C & B Glass

Gibbs & Dandy Glass

J Exley Ltd

Castle Buildings


George Lane & Sons Ltd

Langtec Ltd

Stony Heating & Bathroom Supplies Ltd

E E Glass

Lagan Cement Group Ltd

David S Sales Ltd

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Global B2B data found on Kompass, the online business directory, for the minerals industry which includes 200,000 International companies and more than 140,000 company email addresses. Contact Kompass for more information on how to access this accurate and locally sourced data, available in over 20 languages. The minerals sector includes companies providing quarried stone, ores and minerals, glass and stone products and mining equipment.
As well as thousands of detailed product and service categories, we have information on manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, along with senior decision makers. In the United Kingdom key companies in the industry include Asmet and Lhoist Ltd . If you are looking to target companies in the metal, machinery and engineering sector Kompass is the ideal data provider giving you access to both accurate & locally sourced company information.