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Korean new smart door lock with card, fingerprint, password and mobile app opening

from 23-May-2022 to 31-Dec-2022

By: Pushpull System Co., Ltd

Constantly working on changes and taking on new challenges is the value that Pushpull System pursues.

Pushpull System has developed excellent products through 'door shake prevention technology', 'antibacterial coating', and 'Brand K' awards and etc. Company provides technologies and products that are essential in various industries such as households, public institutions, construction, distribution, etc. based on abundant experience and expertise. Pushpull System is striving to provide technology products by improving customer convenience and real-time technology through the combination of the domestic digital door lock Iot platform. Pushpull System Co., Ltd. opens a new path and advances it together with you.

Anti-noise mat between floors

from 18-May-2022 to 30-Dec-2022

The TPU material of CAREMAT that has uses eco-friendly and hygienic TPU material, and is safe for children.

Through our own production, construction and sales of TPU mat, we  provide a sensuous design suitable for interior and the comfort of top-quality TPU mat.

A scientific 3-level structure consisting of high-durability TPU film, a delicately designed printed layer, and high-elasticity polyurethane foam.
CAREMAT has a 7-level locking structure that has been carefully designed to minimize accident caused by gap.
The material of the CAREMAT has excellent resilience, is safe for children, and uses TPU, which is also used for medical purpose and it has more than ** hygiene related certification.  

Taste and enjoy of Korean Cuisine, we invite of our delight savoriness

from 18-May-2022 to 30-Dec-2022

Let’s enjoy more delicious food with Our seasoning


Since our company's main item is food, we are doing our best to ensure stability, which is recognized as the most important in food.
We do everything we can to provide safer food to our customers, believing that it is the only way to reward them for their support.

We would like to express our respect and deep gratitude to our customers who believe in and support us as we do our best to go ahead of time while achieving our goals with firm values.
Please continue to give us your interest and support.

Better Safe, Better Clean

from 18-May-2022 to 30-Dec-2022

Fine TnC will support customers with the slogan of “Cleaner and Safer”.

FINE TNC tries to pursue the mission statement “Safer and cleaner” with every product we produce.
Moreover, we rather try to become laundromats’ partner through activities as “detergent consulting, laundry information service, laundry technique R&D” than to be mere detergent suppliers.
We ask for your support and attention.

INNOPET - Smart Elevated Pet Feeder

from 18-May-2022 to 30-Dec-2022

It is a brand that provides convenience to companion animals "INOPET"

We have developed height-adjustable tableware for pet comfort.

Smart Elevated Pet Feeder
The best feeder height for pets is floor to armpit for dogs and floor to neck for cats.


Inflation Busting Maintenance Automation Training Enterprise License

from 08-May-2022 to 30-Dec-2022

Provide these certificate courses to all your employees/students, in all of your facilities/campuses globally!

Until the end of the year, we offering the Maintenance Automation Training Perpetual Enterprise License for half the normal price. That is in addition to the 32% bundled certificate course discount that is also applied!
  • That's Inflation Busting!
The Maintenance Automation Training certificate course software bundled with the Enterprise License can be used for in-house training of students/employees and for distance learning. Please follow the link on this page to learn more about these highly interactive self-contained courses with built-in simulators, lab manuals, mini-LMS, and more.

New offer of May

from 02-May-2022

Please find our new May offer.

Scale Power Cleaner

from 28-Apr-2022 to 29-Jun-2022

We will constantly work hard to develop a new system that has never existed before.
The Neo Semitech will strive to create innovative products through new environmental innovation technologies through continuous research in the battery and semiconductor industries.
We will be together with a new system that has never existed before, a better product.

Our New Scale Power Cleaner devices are an item that is consistent with ESG management factors that have recently become a hot topic through the effects of carbon neutrality (electric energy reduction) and environmental pollution prevention (reduction of using harmful drugs, generating wastewater).
Utility devices such as compressors, refrigerators, and heat exchangers can extend the life of facilities, including power costs, pharmaceutical costs, customs costs, water costs, wastewater costs by electrolyzing the scale accumulated in cooling water pipes.

Full Sanding High Immitation Bristles

from 21-Apr-2022 to 23-Apr-2023

Full sanding
Excellent capacity in pickup and release of paint (33% more than normal filament)
Super Light Crimp much closer to natural boiled bristles than alternatives
Good bend recovery
Soft Tips
Light weight:  10-15% less than natural boiled bristles
Can be mixed with natural bristles or other filaments easily
Environmentally friendly: RoHS / Reach compliant

MarooOn provides comprehensive services related to secondary batteries through the world's best power technology and ICT

from 19-Apr-2022 to 29-Jun-2022

  • Strengthened global competitiveness by diversification of products
  • Accelerated corporate growth by expanding the secondary battery related markets
  • Leads the market in battery supply, efficient use, reuse of battery resources, and recycling

Our solution aims to provide cloud automation and security for future clients.

from 18-Apr-2022 to 29-Jun-2022

Cloud security solution UWS / Cloud automation solution vAP

CLOUD SYSTEMS specializes in developing infrastructure consulting service along with providing solution services for construction, management and out-sourcing business fields. CLOUD SYSTEMS continues to invest in R&D to provide and develop distinctive unique solution for future upcoming projects.

Why Makebot Would Be Beneficial to Your Business

from 18-Apr-2022 to 30-Jun-2022

Makebot offers

1.Makebot’s multilingual function can support up to 20 languages including but not limited to Korean, Malay, Chinese, and English
2.Makebot uses ML (Machine Learning) and NLP (natural language processing) technologies for its chatbots to constantly improve in recognizing not only words, but regional dialects
3.Makebot’s chatbots can be integrated into websites and instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram, WeChat, and more!
4.Through chatbots provided by Makebot, users can get answers to inquiries and personalized solutions to problems 24/7 from anywhere in the world!
5.By using Chatbots, businesses can reduce operational costs

Global top class PVD system manufacture with advanced technology

from 17-Apr-2022 to 29-Jun-2022

Global top class PVD system manufacturer

A high-tech semiconductor company competing with the world

BACO Solution Co., Ltd. provides products and services to customers by developing PVD technology that utilizes sputtering in semiconductor processes.

To purchase a sample, please click on the link below.

from 07-Apr-2022 to 07-Apr-2023

Red Ginseng Extract, Red Ginseng Extract Powder

Red Ginseng Extract, Red Ginseng Extract Powder

ㅇ Raw material for final products(pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health food)
ㅇ Ingredients : Red ginseng extract 100%(6 years old, Korea), Ginsenoside(Rg1+Rb1+Rg3) 6mg/g~20mg/g
ㅇ It can be produced and supplied on your demand.


Offer to sell small samples

from 01-Apr-2022 to 08-Apr-2023

Small Sample sales Offer | Air Purifier Sterilizer(Mobile type)all-in-one50

Air Purifier Sterilizer(Mobile type)all-in-one50

※ On-line Sample Mall

● Surface area : 710sq ft(66㎡)
● Power supply : 110~220V AC(Max.70W)
● Size : 600(W) x 154(D) X 620(H)mm600(W) x 220(D) x 704(H)mm (Stand)

Offer to sell small samples

from 30-Mar-2022 to 30-Mar-2023

Small Sample sales Offer

LABZONE’s integrated indoor air-quality management system(TAMREIN) is a product optimized for air quality management in multi-use facilities that integrate air purification, air sterilization, air-quality measurement, clean ventilation, remote monitoring, and remote-control functions.

Youtube :

TAMREIN consists of a ceiling-mounted air purification-sterilization device, an indoor-air-quality measurement device, and an integrated management system.

GNST(Good Night Sleep Tight) Good Skin Condition Makes Baby's Quality Sleep.

from 25-Mar-2022

Honest ingredients, Relieble effects.

The Best Premium Baby Skin Care Brand
Once you use it, you can't get out of our products.
For a baby, It must have to be pure, mild, and organic.

The GNST CEO is Junseok-Park who has a son.
He wants to make his baby sleep tight.
He believed that improving skin immune makes the baby sleep tight.
So he established GNST to make the best baby skin care products.
As parents, We produce every skin care product.
Also we thought we need to make the perfect baby skin care product even if it's expensive.
So we found The Pyrus Ussuriensis, the main ingredient of the products, which only live in Korea.
After a lot of study, we got a patent about Pyrus Ussuriensis Leaf Extract, which is good for relieving atopy. 
Additionally, our products also contain 8 hyaluronic acid, 8 herbal extracts, 5 medicinal mushroom extracts, and natural grade ceramides.

Buy Ukrainian Goods - Invest in Peace!

from 18-Mar-2022 to 10-Jun-2022

Buy Ukrainian Goods - Invest in Peace!
Start date:  March 20, 2022 10:25 PM
End date:  June 10, 2022 9:25 PM
If you feel Ukraine is fighting for your future as well - support Ukrainian enterpises, still exporting their products.

Even if you don't need some tools, toys, textiles, giftware - you can buy them just to support Ukrainian people, who keep working on their places.

You can choose any exporter from the list here and find out if the Ukrainian company can sell their products to you.


BPA free silicone straws for kids

from 21-Mar-2022 to 23-May-2022

Eco friendly, colorful silicone products for kids

Copper Alloy tubes

from 20-Mar-2022

BS Metal is a global leader providing Copper & Copper alloy tubes, many kinds of fin tubes, titanium tubes, stainless tubes for customers in multiple markets including power station, refrigeration and appliance, petrochemical, ship-building, desalination.
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