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Technical offices and engineering consultancies, architects
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Midland Handling Equipment Ltd

Roach Manufacturing

Peter Hall & Son Ltd

Max Fordham LLP

Paul Evans Design Associates

Clements Plant

Wilkinson & Lowe

Charnwood Fireplaces Ltd


The Cox Clifford Partnership

Tritech International Ltd

S C C Transport Devizes Ltd

R O Donaghey Building & Civil Engineering Ltd

Hi Q Fabrications

Celsius Air Conditioning

Povall Worthington

Jervis B Webb Co. Ltd

Kelso Tool Company

Arthur Oakley Transport Ltd

Challenge Electronics

D E Spencer & Sons UK Ltd

Gaunt Francis Architects

F K Howard Ltd

Cooper Beal & Ross

Albert Fry Associates

Porters of Woking

Kingsley Farrington

Davies Wise Design Co

Bourne Electric Ltd

Premier Livestock Handling

Instrument Technology Ltd

Realtime Business Services


Matthews & Leigh Civil Engineering

P & F Machine Tools Ltd

Battley Marine Ltd

Inovations Tech Ltd

Bournemouth & Poole College

Technique Engineering

Frain & Harley Ltd

Butterfield Signs

D Quinn Electrical

R J H Engineering

Q M Systems

Avonmouth Auto Electrical Ltd


Conran Design Group Ltd

Microwave Service Company

Placepower UK Ltd

Delap & Waller

Sandfield Engineering Co. Ltd


T M Specialist Engineers

Countrywide Freight Group Ltd

Rictor Engineering Ltd

Horticultural Development Company

P M L Ltd


Goodchild Marine

Greenhouse Repairs

J O'Shea & Sons

P H C C Ltd

Stratique Ltd

Nash Mynard Design Ltd

The Mulheron Partnership

Powell Systems Engineering Ltd

Jetglow Aircraft Refubishment Ltd

Thames Marine Engineering Ltd

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