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Financial and insurance services
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Culross Global

Winchester Land PLC

X L Catlin

Eskmuir Group

Sixt Rent a Car

Business Energy & Industrial Strategy

Judge & Priestley

Scottish Widows Bank

The Bank of China

Albion Capital

Motability Operations

Cestrian Financial Planning Services Ltd

Paratus a M C Ltd

Links Commodities

John Luffman Group Ltd

Union Investment Management

Secure Trust Bank PLC

Fieldstead Insolvency Ltd


Phoneix Life

J B Schofield & Sons Ltd

I G Group

3rd Sector I T

Industrial Safety Inspections

Cream Financial Solutions

Lacey Plant Hire Ltd

G J Sladdin & Company Ltd


Bank Sepah International Plc


Shipman Investment Managers Ltd

S C C Community Foundations


Alan Boswell Group

David Hopkinson Ltd

Bank of New York

Debtco One Ltd

M B Plant

Potter Plant Hire

Ciceley Commercials Ltd

Cranwood Mortgage Services Ltd

Hoover Ferguson

G W Plant Hire

Banco Sabadell

Integrated Energy Systems International Ltd

Dickerman Overseas Contracting Company

Acorn Industrial Services Ltd



Camomille Associates Ltd

Bromwall Ltd

Venture Finance PLC

John Charcol

Optima Legal

M I C L Ltd

Yorkshire Fleet Management

Target Plant & Sales Ltd

M S Amlin

Aylesbury Little Diggers


E F G Offshore Ltd

Fargro Ltd


Alpha Bank London Ltd

Gaskells I M A Ltd


Columbia Threadneedle Investments


Miles Smith Insurance

W G Meston Jnr

Allianz Insurance PLC

Global Business Services Ltd

Powerco International Ltd

Stevens Equipment Rental

W Robinson Plant Hire Ltd

Kent Plant Service Ltd

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