Environmental services and renewable energy industries

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Environmental services, renewable energies
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W M Briers & Son

Wessex Building Services

D S M Asbestos Consultants Ltd

Athrodax Healthcare

Peter Fitzpatrick Ltd

Seales Road Haulage Ltd

Rowlson Industrial Sewing

Kintyre Recycling

Brian Plant

Allclear Water Purifiers

Global Flt Ltd

Green Energy UK Direct


First Effluent Ltd

Fistreem International Limited

Compressor Tech Northern

G S W Plastics Ltd

Phoenix County Metals Ltd

Amgen Cymru

Aquarius Waste Management

W F Foster & Son

Infinity Oils

Donovan Bros Ltd

Metal Masters

E Rand & Sons Ltd

Switch Source Ltd

Calves Hill Ltd



Midland Industrial Metals Ltd

Gasmet Technology

K C S Services Ltd

O H E S Environmental

Norton Industrial Fasteners


Trident Surveying Ltd


B T E Plant Sales Ltd


Cotswold Recycling Co. Ltd

Access Automation Ltd

Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Asbestos First Ltd

Y H C Hire Services Ltd

W Harold John Metals Ltd

Technical Demolition Services Ltd



UK Systems Ltd

W Hayden & Son Ltd

Bridgwater Electronics

Carmarthen Recycling & Environmental Services

Alan Hutchinson & Associates

F T Technologies Ltd

Polythene UK

G Sait Ltd

G & L Consultancy Ltd

Bernard Hunter Ltd

Amber Services Waste Management & Recycling Solutions

Sandy Brown Associates LLP

R S Hydro

Waring Engineering Ltd

Filta G M G Ltd


Integrated Energy Systems International Ltd

Energy Industries Council

Metro Waste

Ingrebourne Valley Ltd

Bulk Storage & Process Systems Ltd

Leamington Sight & Sound Ltd

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