Glass, cement and ceramics industry

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Glass, cement and ceramics
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D G Heath Timber Products Ltd

Facets Glass Restoration

Osborne Davies & Son

Salop Glass & Glazing

Avery Knight & Bowlers Engineering Ltd

Stevensons of Norwich

Pavigres UK Ltd

Alver Stones Portsmouth Ltd

T B S Fabrications

Mike Honour Windows

George Hill & Son

The Waiter's Friend Company

J F Goodwillie Ltd

Lyntech Systems Ltd

Gilbert Birdsall Ltd

Weatherstone Quality Ornaments

Coram Showers

Tullyleek Pre-cast Concrete


Jubilee Building Supplies


M E P Ltd

Heron Fine China

Creagh Concrete Products

Parsley in Time

Assa Abloy Global Solutions

Dyson Technical Ceramics

Acorn Glass & Glazing

Securiglaze Applications London

J H & T P Duncan Ltd


The Chesham Glass Co

B & M Concrete Ltd

Brick Technical Services Ltd

David Ritchie Implements Ltd

Forward Pattern Co. Ltd

Day Impex Ltd



Ardagh Glass Barnsley Ltd

M & M Timber

Concrete Mouldings

R Brown & Co

Padiham Glass Ltd

Saint Gobain Weber Ltd

L S Systems Ltd

Moores Glasswork



E E Glass

Castle Buildings

Davis Memorials Ltd

Hampstead Stone

Varley Insulation Products Ltd

Composite Mouldings Group

Salisbury & Wood

McMullan & O'Donnell

Austen Tapes

The Modern Fireplace Company & Monumental Works

Aquajoy Water Gardens Ltd

D A Harrison

The Cast Stone Co

R J Donaghy & Sons

Pyramid Profiles

Nicholl Plaster Mouldings

Wear Valley Aerosols

Independent Catering Services UK Ltd

Newbury Tools

The Bearing Mart

Protectahome Ltd

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