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Modern Labelling Methods

Printed Motor Works


Pillar Seals & Gaskets

Car Care Discounts

Gwyn Jones & Son Coaches

Van Der Graaf UK Ltd

Specialised Motor Components

Clark Electric Clutch & Controls

Sematic UK Ltd

Kab Seating



Aylesbury Panelcraft

Bevan Motor Bodies Ltd

Southco Manufacturing

Somerset Self Storage

Regal Manufacturing


Auto Electrics Teesside Ltd

Riddlers Ltd

W E Deane Ltd

Newfields Timber Yard Co. Ltd

Smith's for Airports Ltd

Westfield Caravans

Nippon Distribution

Pomphrey & Sons Ltd


King Trailers Ltd

Knowsley S K

Vision Travel

Davies Turner

J D Birch Ltd

Regal Furnishings

Travelwise Coaches

European Liner Agencies

Modus Air Ltd

Stanway Screens

Cyrus Bradford

T Nielsen & Company

Fraserburgh Engineering Ltd



Excel Trailers

Koolway Auto Air Conditioning

Kirkheaton Engineering

Faltec Europe Ltd

Church Avenue Garage Ltd

Hurst Green Plastics Ltd

Penny & Giles

J & J Motor Engineers Ltd

Vehicle Movement Specialists

Hydra Con Ltd


Stiles Garage

Palamatic Ltd

F P W Axles

Lawson H I S

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Global B2B data found on Kompass, the online business directory, for the transport and logistics which includes 1 million companies worldwide and more than 650,000 company email addresses. Contact Kompass for more information on how to access this accurate and locally sourced data, available in over 20 languages. The transport and logistics sector includes handling & storage equipment, packaging machinery, freight and warehousing services and vehicles.
As well as thousands of detailed product and service categories, we have information on manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, along with senior company contacts. In the United Kingdom key companies in the industry include Blickle and LINAK UK Ltd. If you are looking to target companies in the transport & logistics sector Kompass is the ideal data provider giving you access to both accurate & locally sourced company information.