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Chemical products
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West Midlands Total Preservation

English Woodlands Timber


Combined Chemical Services UK Ltd

Epoxy Products

Motor Bodies Hexham

Akzo Nobel Industrial Coatings

Integra Coatings Integra Coatings Ltd Ltd

Scott Paints

Colloids Ltd

Photocentric Ltd

Avon Road Mark Ltd

Italmatch Chemicals GB Ltd

B & D Clays

C H R Hansen

F Moxham & Son


B G Penny & Co. Ltd

Code Promotional Merchandise

Dri Pak Ltd

Autocolour & Industrial Coatings

Howarth Timber & Building Supplies Ltd

Highland Print


The Green Shop

The Valspar UK Corporation Ltd

Lemin & Co Product Finishers Ltd


Paull's of Martock

Orrmac Coatings Ltd


Castolin Eutectic Ltd

Durston Garden Products

Canvey Auto Refinishing Supplies Ltd

Aqua Coatings Ltd

Hicks & Weatherburn Ltd

Oyster Communications

Millers Oils

Phoenix Foods


Global Coatings

Rexodan Laundry Chemicals

Ocean Connect Marine

Jeaton Industrial

Ingredients UK

The Osprey Company


Afton Chemical

R S Clare

Floormart Ltd

Plaspertex Paint Co. Ltd

Blumsom Timber Centre

North Bay Pelagic Ltd

Nilorn UK

Larsen Building Products

Cumbrian Storage Ltd


Caledonian Industries Ltd

I T A C Adhesives

Claremont Chemical Company Ltd

Cowen Signs

Eaton Environmental Services

Yeovil Circuits

Ermin Plant Hire Ltd


Team Pixie



Intercontinental Chemical Products Ltd

Environmental Husbandry Ltd

Moran Builders & Plumbers Merchants

Henry Morris 1958 Ltd

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