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Building industry
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Lanemark Combustion Engineering Ltd

K C Hickson Ltd

Future Industrial Services Ltd

Cosgriff Whitehouse Electrical Ltd

Butler Designs

Cordell Engineering

Lochrin Bain

S T Coving

Halliburton Electrical Ltd

Manor Monumental Co

Coventry for Fencing

E H A Group

Harding Bros Electrical Ltd

Tracey Bros

Bewley Homes

G B G Fences Ltd

Connolly Scaffolding Ltd

Brian Clark

Tom Hendry's Welding

Hanwell Glass Ltd

Magherafelt Glass & Mirrors

Meridian Cooling Ltd

Epoxy Products

R T S Engineering Somerset Ltd

Taylor Wimpey



Staines & Golding Ltd

Cgrs Properties Ltd

Brown & Payne

B McDermott & Son Lancs Ltd

Reds Plastering


Rodell Chimneys Ltd

Charlestown Electrical Co. Ltd

Stockton Heath Electrical


Carson Powell Construction Ltd

Highgate Felt Roofing Ltd

Byrom Clark Roberts

Fujitsu General UK Co. Ltd

Cement Glaze Decorators Ltd

Craftsman Glass

Chemical Treatment Services Ltd

K M Bailey Ltd

S Marsden Builders

Fosseway Developments

Altplan Ceilings & Partitions Ltd

The Agenda Group Ltd

Haire Bros

B B D Maintenance

D & G Electrical Services

R S M Refko Installations Ltd

T Hamilton Memorials

E I S Axon

Thomas Fabrications

H & K Mabbitt

M G Ingram

Black Box Network Services

Air Improve Services

Ashby Computer Services

The Memorial Group

A E Griffin & Son

Dockland Security Systems Ltd

G McVeigh & Co. Ltd

Dowdall Engineering Ltd

A P Benson Roofing & Building Ltd

Maxbuild Ltd

Malmesbury Woodworking Co. Ltd

Lifegem UK

Planet Contracting

P J Slater Scaffolding Services Ltd

Lightfoot Bros Ltd

Acorn Design & Project Management Ltd

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