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Industrial subcontractors
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W E Bates Ltd

F G C Manufacturing

First Components Ltd

Queensway Engineering Scunthorpe Ltd



William Mellard & Sons Ltd

K L Giddings

Chains & Lifting Tackle Midlands Ltd

Swinton Electro Plating Ltd

T D R Transmission Ltd

Hickman Engineering Ltd

Morgan Engineering

Robinson Pattern Equipment Ltd

King & Fowler UK Ltd

S S S Welding & Fabrication

Schofield Fabrications Bromsgrove Ltd

M E C Signs Ltd

Baker Blower

Riverside Truck Rental

Blue Diamond Engineering Ltd

River Circle Ltd

Formagrind Ltd

Charles Robinson Cutting Tools Ltd

F & R Belbin Ltd

Bacon Engineering

Charles Watts Engineering Ltd

Ayrshire Precision Engineering Ltd

P W S Finishing Ltd

Davey Machining Centre

C N C Manufacturing

Duncan Lynch Precision Tools Ltd

Benson Sedgwick Engineering Ltd

Central C N C Machinery Ltd

Advanced Aluminium Design Ltd

N K Coatings

W J Bevan & Son

Abbey Products Norfolk Ltd

J O'Shea & Sons


Christchurch Jewellers

G W Wilson Fabrications Ltd


Hutchcoat Powder Coatings

The Batey Metallic Packing Co. Ltd

Proclad Heat Treatment

S S Bright Drawers Ltd

Deeter Electronics Ltd

Plasbrun Plastics Engineering Ltd

H T Fabrications

Qualfab Ltd




Goodturn Engineering

Van Guard Accessories


Micro Computer Solutions Ltd Mcs

Blagg & Johnson Ltd

Olive & Padgett Ltd

Aquaspersions Ltd

Gunform International Ltd

Circle Control & Design Systems Ltd


Autofour Precision Engineering

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