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Industrial subcontractors
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Greene Tweed

Auto Turned

Lenco Utilities

Hamble Propellers Ltd


Leytoner de Montfort Ltd

Stone Foundries

Permoid Industries Ltd

J P Miles

Custom Electronic Design Services Ltd

T G Stamping Ltd

Jenks & Cattell Engineering Ltd

A S G Group Ltd

Lazenbys Group

Glenmore-hane Group Ltd

Cottam & Brookes

E A E Polishing Services Ltd

J T & E Castings Ltd

Cannon Golf

Copeland & Craddock Ltd

Kavia Plastic Mouldings

Original Cad Solutions Ltd

Wall Colmonoy Ltd

Acorn Industrial Components

Hazzlewood Electronics Ltd

Bowdell Steel Services Ltd

Loades PLC

Etch Components

Billington Structures Ltd

Lea Manufacturing

A J Metal Fabrications Ltd

Source Consulting Ltd

Duckworth & Kent

Portsmouth Aviation

Wren Metal Co. Ltd

Halesowen Components Ltd

Phoenix Fabrications

Vista Products

Belper Tools

Kypol Electroplating Ltd

Avon Road Mark Ltd

H T Brigham

Robinsons Structures Ltd

Micom Engineering Ltd

Hanman Advanced Castings


Howarth Engineering

Auto Sport Engineering

Cousins Engineering

Gravesend Engineering Co. Ltd

Dave Mac Propshafts LLP

Steelcraft Engineering

Auric Metal Finishers

Isleworth Polishing


Hadley Sections Ltd

Stockfield Metal Spinners Ltd

Elliott Engineering Carlisle Ltd

Kavia Moulded Products Ltd

B & P Fabrications Leicester Ltd

Naylor Specialists Plastics

Permabond Laminates Ltd

C R F Sections Ltd

F C Hammonds

Clydeforth Engineers & Contractors Ltd

Minianchor Ltd

Checkland Kindleysides

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