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James Hutton Mouldings Ltd

James Hutton Pressings Limited is a company committed to quality and to providing a first class service at competitive prices. Quality presswork is produced in all metals including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper. Pressed and welded assemblies are supplied for a wide variety of applications in motor vehicles and electrical goods as well as numerous other industries. Tooling for both Pressings and Expanded Polystyrene Mouldings is produced in our well equipped toolroom. A standard range of hinged lid steel boxes are manufactured, but any size can be made up to 400mm x 400mm x 400mm using the asme format. Expanded polystyrene mouldings for packaging are produced up to a maximum size of 1000mm x 695mm. The mouldings offer superb protection for your goods in transit, as well as being extremely cost effective over other types of packaging. The mouldings can be made to customer specifications, or designed by James Hutton (Pressings) Limited. James Hutton Janitorial Supplies produce a range of janitorial tools including Performance Enhancing Broom Clamps, Paint Roller Frames and Floor Scrapers. We are market leaders in producing strong, highly durable and easy to handle sweeping broom clamps, broom sockets, paint roller frames, double arm point roller frames and floor scrapers, floor squeegee straight and curved edge for industrial applications. Our products are specially designed and produced for heavy duty use, including the commercial sweeping, cleaning and scraping of floors to serve the Building Trade and Janitorial Supplies Markets. Manufacturers of expanded polystyrene products, polystyrene mouldings (packaging), also pressings, general presswork. In addition polystyrene moulding services; pressings, automotive & pressings, stainless steel, control boxes, sheet metal, expanded polystyrene (EPS) products, metal pressings, polystyrene (PS) boxes, moulded, polystyrene (PS) cut pieces, packaging, pressings, caps, pressings, copper, pressings, cups, pressings, domestic lighting, pressings, electrical control equipment, pressings, fabricated, pressings, hardware, pressings, high precision, pressings, metal, automotive, pressings, motor vehicle component, pressings, off road vehicle, pressings, plastic, pressings, spring, pressings, stainless steel, pressings, steel, pressings, washers, pressings, welded, steel boxes.

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E D S Engineering Ltd

EDS is among the UK's most well established and experienced precision engineering specialists. We remain at the forefront of groundbreaking design and accurate manufacture of components across a range of industries, including Aerospace, Defence, Motor Sport and Mould Making. The EDS team is made up of more than 50 individuals responsible for direct manufacturing, manufacturing support, management and administration. Some 80% of the managment team and 50% of the engineers have been with EDS for more than 20 years. This stability is the backbone of the company's strength and growth. Among the skills and services offered by EDS are: * Precision engineering experience and expertise spanning five decades * A highly skilled team of quality toolmakers * An exceptional and quantifiable reputation for quality, supported by ISO 9001:2000 accreditation * An excellent reputation for punctual delivery * One of the UK's most extensive and advanced range of manufacturing and support equipment * In-house jig and fixture design facility * Rapid and convenient electronic transfer of drawing files, using a range of compatible formats * Manipulation of 2D/3D Autocad drawings, including design modifications * Off line 3D part-programming, including surfaces and multi-axis programming * Inspection services, metrology services, spark erosion, wire erosion, mould tool design, mould tool manufacturing

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