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X L Precision Engineering

Formed over a decade ago, XL Precision Engineering took years of experience and expert knowledge and transformed them into one of the leading sub-contract engineering companies in the fields of CNC turning and milling. We pride ourselves on providing a first class CNC milling service to all our customers large or small, and we endeavour to offer some of the fastest turnaround times in the business. We ve developed many long term relationships with clients over the years and find that many of our new CNC turning orders come from existing customer recommendation. Whilst we might have started with three second hand CNC machines we are now able to invest in cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art CNC milling and turning equipment that enable us to reduce process times and pass on production cost savings to our customers. XL Precision Engineering can work with most materials - from plastics and alloys to stainless steel - producing anything from a one-off piece to large scale batch orders. Our clients come from many industries that include construction companies, railways and valve supply. We use a comprehensive range of CNC turning and milling machines as well as honing, pressing and slotting equipment so that we can meet the widest range of manufacturing criteria for our customers and can produce components anywhere between 1mm and 600mm diameter. With sophisticated equipment and expert knowledge we have CNC turning machines capable of completing complex components in one pass rather than the three passes often used by our competitors. This enables us to process and deliver your order quickly and allows us to pass on the production cost savings directly to you. We supply complete, finished components quickly and that meet your exacting standards - call XL Precision Engineering today and talk to us about your CNC milling and turning requirements.

Supplier of:

  • Turned products, metal
  • Turned parts, ferrous metals and alloys
  • Turned parts, non-ferrous metals and alloys...

Sinotech Ltd

Sinotech Ltd aim to provide Cold Formed Parts: * Low cost to Manufacturers * Made to Customers Specification * Supplied by Chain Specialists for Automotive Supply * Many years experience with an Asian Source Sinotech, experts in coldforming components, have extensive experience in: * Net-shape coldforming * Near net-shape cold forming Sinotech is a supplier of precision components within the Automotive, Fluid Power and General Engineering Industries. We manufacture ISO 9001:2008 quality assured precision machined components, which can be produced using a number of processes: * Single spindle Low Volume components * Multi-spindle High Volume production * CNC turning utilising our multi axis technology * CNC milling utilising our 4 axis machining centres * Welded assemblies Sinotech can supply precision machined components in a vast range of materials including: * Copper * Mild and Alloy Steels * Titanium and exotic high temperature alloys * Plastics * Stainless Steel * Brass * Phosphor Bronze (Gun-metal) * Aluminium Die Castings - The molten metal needs to be injected into a mould under extreme pressure. This will result in a more homogeneous part, good surface finish and dimensional accuracy. There would be a significant reduction in the requirement for post casting processing to get the required final configuration. There are 5 main steps to the process cycle, these are: * Clamping - two cleaned and lubricated die halves are clamped together within the production machine * Injection - of molten metal (a pre-determined volume) at high pressure into the die * Cooling - The solidification of the metal within the die cavity takes its final shape * Ejection - From the die cavity, of the casting * Trimming - Excess material from casting Sintered Components Applications - Components produced by this route include the production of many complex components such as: * Pressure Plates * Gears * Cams * Sprockets * Levers * Ratchets * Bushing etc These would be used in the following industries: * Automobile * Hydraulic * Agriculture Pressings - Sinotech are able to work with their customers and use their extensive knowledge and experience of metal forming and tool design. To get the optimised final tooling design, prototype components can be produced. We are also able to supply Metal Stampings in a range of materials: * Steels, coated and uncoated * Stainless Steels * Aluminium * Brass

Supplier of:

  • Waste bins and waste-paper baskets
  • Cast iron litter bins
  • Sintered metals...
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