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Ravenscourt Engineering Ltd

Electron beam welding can weld the same materials as more conventional techniques but generally provides far superior quality. In addition, it provides: The ability to weld several centimetres in thickness in one operation . Precise control over penetration and dimensions . Freedom from impurities because of the high vacuum environment . A very high level of repeatability that's not dependent on manual skills. Minimum distortion and shrinkage with very little heat being dissipated into the surrounding materials. The ability to weld close to heat-sensitive components. The capability of welding in otherwise inaccessible locations. The electron beam is capable of travelling over a metre through the vacuum chamber. This unique capability is used both in repair work and fabrication, and can be especially useful in salvaging intricate castings and machined items. Some of these benefits are unique to Electron Beam Welding. Welding Principle Electron beam welding is a fusion joining process in which the joint to be welded is bombarded with a finely focused stream of high velocity electrons. A heated tungsten filament emits electrons that are accelerated by high voltage to a speed of over 100,000 miles per second. This stream, focused into a beam of 0.2mm diameter, produces power intensities 5,000 times greater than those achieved by conventional arc welding. This can produce deep, parallel sided welds requiring as little as 2.5% of the heat required to produce the same depth as conventional techniques. Weld speeds are also much higher, 125cm per minute being typical. Beam power is controlled by a filament current that governs the rate of electron emissions, and accelerating voltage which controls the kinetic energy of the electrons. It is focused by electromagnetic coils, alignment being adjusted to coincide with cross hairs on a coaxial viewing system. Weld joints are aligned optically and passed under the stationary beam position at a predetermined speed. Therefore we have repeatable machine based limits and controls for all factors affecting performance. The whole beam generation and welding process is carried out in a vacuum without using filler material, welds being a remelt of the component material. Joint Design E B welding can accommodate butt, corner, lap and edge joints and 'T' section. Joints can be linear, circumferential or circular. The designer must consider easy location of parts to be welded, minimising tooling and speeding up the welding cycle. Please note the weld face preparation, unlike conventional welding, relies on the two mating surfaces being square faced and to a good tolerance.

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E D S Engineering Ltd

EDS is among the UK's most well established and experienced precision engineering specialists. We remain at the forefront of groundbreaking design and accurate manufacture of components across a range of industries, including Aerospace, Defence, Motor Sport and Mould Making. The EDS team is made up of more than 50 individuals responsible for direct manufacturing, manufacturing support, management and administration. Some 80% of the managment team and 50% of the engineers have been with EDS for more than 20 years. This stability is the backbone of the company's strength and growth. Among the skills and services offered by EDS are: * Precision engineering experience and expertise spanning five decades * A highly skilled team of quality toolmakers * An exceptional and quantifiable reputation for quality, supported by ISO 9001:2000 accreditation * An excellent reputation for punctual delivery * One of the UK's most extensive and advanced range of manufacturing and support equipment * In-house jig and fixture design facility * Rapid and convenient electronic transfer of drawing files, using a range of compatible formats * Manipulation of 2D/3D Autocad drawings, including design modifications * Off line 3D part-programming, including surfaces and multi-axis programming * Inspection services, metrology services, spark erosion, wire erosion, mould tool design, mould tool manufacturing

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Angell Welding

Angell Welding was established in 1978 and are based in Croydon, South London. We are an industrial services and engineering company that specialises in the provision of highly integrated, cost effective welding and fabrication solutions to the architectural, building, design & print industries. Our highly trained in-house team has the knowledge and expertise to provide robust solutions to the most taxing of engineering challenges and our buyers employ purchasing and supply synergies throughout our contracts, enabling us to provide your company with effective construction, maintenance and repair services. We carry out high-quality manufacturing and fabrication work and installation of all things metal, whether it be high volume, critical tolerance engineering or bespoke one-off solutions including the following: ALUMINIUM WELDING SPECIALISTS Angell Welding has a long and established history of welding aluminium products from a wide range of industries. Our team are highly skilled and experienced aluminium welders who are involved with every step of the welding process. We have exceptionally high standards and consult our customers at the every major stage of the process. We work on both commercial and domestic projects and always aim to exceed the customers expectations. INTERNAL STAIRS & BALCONY SPECIALISTS Angell Welding’s in-house team design, fabricate and install high quality, beautifully engineered staircases, walkways and gantries, fire escapes, gates and railings. We have over 30 years commercial and domestic experience and believe we can provide excellent design , fabrication and installation solutions for most properties. We are fully mobile but for most jobs we prefer to build in-house and assemble on site. However, for larger installations we normally create and install on site. CERAMIC AND METAL BRAZING SPECIALISTS At Angell Welding we offer a wide range of welding solutions for commercial and domestic customers, these include TIG, MIG, ARC (MMA), Flux Core Mig (FCAW) and Gas Welding. Our ceramic and metal brazing welding team have over 30 years experience and are capable of working with a range of materials either on site or from our Surrey based workshop. We are happy to undertake a variety of specialist welding tasks, including aluminium welding and fabrication, stainless steel welding and fabrication, plant and machine repairs, motorsport and custom fabrications to name just a few. LASER CUTTING Our highly skilled team and laser cutting machines have been producing exceptional work for years. Based in South London and with a large production facility we help clients all over the world with top quality laser cutting and design services. We offer a wide range of services including: • Full installation Service • Laser cutting and profiling • CAD/CAM facilities • CNC bending and punching • A sheet metal and machine shop WALKWAYS & STAIRCASE SPECIALISTS Angell Welding has been fabricating, installing and repairing high quality fire escapes and walkways in the UK for over 30 years. We work with all metals including aluminium, steel and copper. Our team provide expert advice, design, fabrication and installation solutions with great customer service. We build and install aluminium, steel walkways and staircases and can work from our workshop in Croydon, South East London or on site at your location. We can also provide walkways and staircase in stainless steel with glass balustrades.

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