Livestock and fish industry

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Diaper Poultry Ltd

A N M Group

I M Foods

Lawrie & Symington

Dingwall & Highland Marts Ltd

Mr R & P Meats Ltd

Gressingham Foods


S & D Meat & Poultry Ltd

John Palin

Doncaster F Ltd

Hampshire Game

F G Brewer & Sons Farms Ltd

Hotline Horizont Ltd

F K Carter


Little Cefn Smokehouse

Seamark PLC

Ken Briggs Ltd

Freshfields Farm Eggs

T S Foods


Cocked Hat Farm Foods Ltd

J & R Food Service Ltd

J Carruthers

J Hewit & Sons Ltd

Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation

Lenco Vet Supplies

Harrison & Hetherington

Silverburn Trading Co. Ltd

Wilsons Auctions Telford Ltd

Ulverston Auction Mart

Swanton Morley Farm

Geo E Gittus & Sons

The Institute of Auctioneers

Riverford Farm Dairies Ltd

Mounts Bay Dairy

Vetoquinol UK Ltd

UK Sire Services

Greendale Veterinary Diagnostics

North Lakes Foods Ltd

Head & Head Veterinary Practice Ltd

Darrow Farm

Koi Joy

Northiam Dairy

R G & R B Williams Auctioneers Ltd

Animal Aids Ltd

Cyril Bason Stokesay Ltd

Thistle Seafood Ltd

Matt Aminoff & Co

Southern Counties Auctioneers

Clitheroe Auction Mart

Mitchell's Auction Co. Ltd

Morgan Evans & Co. Ltd

Brightwells Ltd

Taskers Angling Ltd

Jaquest Redwood Smokehouse

Clearwater Fine Foods Europe Ltd

Country Kennels

Hedges Farms Ltd


East Anglia Dairies

Ruskington Poultry Co

Aviagen Turkeys

Robert Craig & Sons


D & M Kane Shellfish Merchants

A A McGuckian Ltd

Artglass Sea Products Ltd

R Thomson & Son Armagh Ltd

Lakeland Dairies N I Ltd

Bedfordia Group Ltd

Sco Fro Group

Frant Lakes

Freshways Dairies

Sheldons Dairy Ltd

Northcoast Seafoods

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