Timber, products, machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry

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Timber, wooden products, machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry
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Stairplan Ltd

Heron Bros Ltd

Sandiford Son & Bannister

Murdock Hardwood Industries Ltd

Bratts Ladders


Fabcast Concrete Fencing Products

Castle Garage Doors

Island Leisure

Foremost Products

The Old Basket Supply Ltd

Heath Saws

Fenster Trade Frames Ltd

Sliding Doors & Windows Ltd

Dempsey Dyer Ltd

Louvolite Ltd

Barrel & Garden

Aristrocrat Plaster Mouldings

Homestead Garden Rooms Ltd

Emerson Joinery Ltd

Holt Joinery

George Barnsdale

Weald Enterprises Machine Tools

Campbell Solutions Ltd

Evans Bellhouse

McMullan & O'Donnell

Rowbotham Decorative Flooring Ltd

Trade Forms

Lancashire Saw Co. Ltd

Great Yarmouth Glass Ltd

F S G Tool & Die Ltd

Chapel Joinery

R J C Commercial Food Equipment Ltd

Jade Joinery

Andrew Horner & Son Ltd

Olphert & Lambe Ltd

Mike Honour Windows

Sunlight Interiors Ltd

J Bradnam & Sons Ltd

A G Evans & Sons

R B D Windows


Great Barr Sawmills Ltd


Kestrel Timber Frame Ltd


Bartletts Country Stores

C L D Fencing Systems

Winterborne Zelston Fencing Ltd

Barton Timber Co. Ltd

Northern Mouldings Ltd

Portfolio Bespoke Ltd

A D M Precision Tools Ltd

Castle Buildings

Bischof & Klein UK Ltd

Barnsley Timber Merchants Ltd

Gordon Timber

Jubilee Building Supplies

Forward Pattern Co. Ltd


Stanley Emerson & Sons Ltd

Exotic Veneer Co. Ltd

Charnwood Fireplaces Ltd


Ruralcraft Furniture Ltd

Havwoods International


York Timber Products Ltd

Turner Packaging

Watchet Glass & Glazing

C & B Joinery

Richard Potter Timber

J T S Staircases Ltd

Bollington Joinery

Express U P V C Ltd

Mr Fruity Wholesale Ltd

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