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Precipart Ltd

Precipart is a global company engaged in the engineering, design and manufacture of high precision custom solutions. We provide ...

Hosokawa Micron Ltd

Hosokawa Micron Ltd is your single source for integrated powder processing systems and containment solutions. Our core products and ...


ECO-Fridge Ltd is a leading UK commercial refrigeration company, supplying a comprehensive range of high-quality display fridges and ...

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The Kompass Database includes over 2 million companies worldwide in the retail & traders industry. Available in more than 20 languages and covering thousands of detailed product & service categories, the data includes information on service providers, manufacturers, suppliers & exporters, as well as relevant senior contacts. The retail industry includes importers and exporters, fair trade products, second hand equipment and wholesale trade.
The Kompass database can be accessed through the services EasyBusiness or EasyList, with these services you will gain access to information on over 10 million companies in more than 60 countries. By subscribing to this database you will be able to prospect using key information and quickly develop your business opportunities. If you are looking to target companies in the retail and traders sector, Kompass is the ideal data provider giving you access to both accurate & locally sourced company information. Click here to promote your company on Kompass.