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Bodenham & Shorthouse

Rubitex Ltd

Rushton Electronic Solutions Ltd

Concept Covers

Adam & Co Textiles Ltd

G Cornell & Sons Ltd

Cosgroves Ltd

Barclay Tarpaulins


Pernamatic Engineering Ltd

Pilkingtons Ltd

Design by I G

Peter Jones I L G Ltd

Greenwoods Menswear

Marc Co GB Ltd

Peter Drew Contracts Ltd

Fashion at Work

Melbourne Sun Rooms


Excalibur Furniture Ltd

Baker Street Engravings


Moxon Huddersfield Ltd

Jeff Bowen Awnings



Park Davidson & Co. Ltd

Feiner Gems

Dry Lining Supplies

R A Smart Holdings Ltd

Clarke Cable

Dukeries Textile & Fancy Goods Ltd

Express Welding & Engineering Ltd

Kawasaki Motors

A L Maugham & Co. Ltd

Lawrence M Barry & Co


Carillion Print

Holland & Holland

Glover & Riding Tailors

James Lever 1856


Garnett Wire

E Leather

B Braun Medical

Rowlson Industrial Sewing

P T F E Coatings Ltd

Farrall Cleaners


Merit Badge

Krishnika Jewellers

Rufflette Ltd

Burt Bros Hosiery Ltd

Charles Paisley & Sons

Fabric Presentation Ltd

Power Plastics

Josery Textiles Ltd

Antler Ltd


Matrix International

Walkers Jewellers Ltd

Newbury Tools

Chieftain Insulation

Richards Hose Ltd

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The Kompass Database includes over 350,000 companies in the textiles, clothing, leather, watchmaking and jewellery industries. Available in more than 20 languages and covering thousands of detailed product & service categories, the data includes information on manufacturers, suppliers & exporters, as well as relevant contacts. The Kompass database can be accessed through the services EasyBusiness or EasyList, with these services you will gain access to information on over 10 million companies in more than 60 countries.
By subscribing to this database you will be able to prospect using key information and quickly develop your business opportunities. If you are looking to target companies in the textiles, clothing, leather, watchmaking and jewellery industries, Kompass is the ideal data provider giving you access to both accurate & locally sourced company information. Key Companies in the United Kingdom include Thomas Fattorini Ltd and W & J Knox Ltd.