Agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment industry

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Agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment
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Control Gear Group

James Allied Engineering Ltd

Mark Hellier Tractors S E Ltd

Beddoes Ltd

Anglia Sprayers


Wiggly Wigglers

Micron Group

P V Dobson & Sons

Matford Arable Systems Ltd

W J Green

O R C A Ltd

G F T Agricultural Products Ltd

A D I Midlands Ltd

Foster of Thrybergh Ltd

Premier Fencing


J & W Milligan

Parnham Tractors Ltd

Reef One Ltd

Sportack Saddlery

Cambridge Farm Machinery Ltd

Chilton Grain Ltd

Beeversales Agricultural Components Ltd

Ieuan Evans & Son Within Tegfan Garage

R Barker Tarring Ltd

Beltec Market Rasen Ltd

P J Palfrey

Dale Farm

Tyne Tees Lifting Ltd

Ultra Building Products

Damar International Ltd

Interflora Headquaters

Octagon Products Ltd

UK Global Commodities Ltd

Meadhams Garden Machinery

Gurney Reeve & Co. Ltd

Prime Irrigation Ltd

Y H C Hire Services Ltd

Big Bale Co South Ltd

V W J Earthmoving Ltd

A C P Concrete Ltd


Manningtree Horsebox Hire & Horse Transport Ltd

Victoria Aquatics

Harry Smith Hockley Ltd


The Little Flower Pot

Hillam Farm Machinery Ltd

J C B Earth Movers

Neville Barnes Ltd

Chafer Machinery Group

Ontop Tractors

K W Farm Services

Koi Joy

Short & Abbott Ltd

C H Farm Systems

Cary Traders

Macdonald's Engineers Ltd

John D Falla & Son Ltd

George Browns Ltd

Albion Canvas

Fane Valley Stores

Aquarium Design Centre

Arcadia Irrigation

A & B M Suffield & Sons

Cotswold Dairy Equipment Ltd

Frank Howard Tools & Fixings Ltd

C T Hayton Ltd

Morris Corfield

Environmental Crop Management

T Alun Jones & Son

J T Cormack

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