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Expocet Ltd, Expocet

Expocet Ltd, Expocet

About us Who we are: Expocet was established in 1996 to act as the multilingual European Sales function for a number of UK manufacturing companies, specialising in metal castings and forgings. Expocet acquired company Ltd status in 2015 to become Expocet Ltd. We are a talented team of experts in sourcing the right type of casting and forging for your requirements – contact us below by clicking on the appropriate image or use via our Contact form with any questions or enquiries. Sourcing your manufacturing supplier to fit your company’s requirements can be a time-consuming process, let our experts do the job for you. What we do: If you are a European or Global manufacturer looking for a supplier of high-quality machined castings and forgings – Expocet will put you in contact with world-class suppliers based here in the UK. If you are a UK casting and forging company Expocet can become an extension of your Sales Team concentrating on Sales into the European Marketplace, introducing your company to a wide variety of industries and organisations that buy or wish to buy castings and forgings in various forms. Since the establishment of the company in 1996 our customer base has continued to grow – largely through recommendation and Expocet now represents 8 UK manufacturing companies, with a minimum of ISO 9001/2 – 2008 or TS16949 certification and the new IATF 16949 certification. Expocet Industry Sectors Expocet work directly and indirectly with an extensive and diverse customer portfolio based not only in the UK but in Europe also. Industry sectors covered by Expocet fall into the an extensive set of categories but are not limited to the following: Aerospace Agricultural Air Conditioning Architectural Automotive Compressors Defence Electrical General Engineering Hydraulic Marine Medical Motorsport – Formula 1 Nuclear Oil and Gas Off-Highway Vehicles Petrochemical Pumps and Valves Safety Systems Trucks and Trailers Find out more by clicking on the link here Link: Keyword Phrases European Export Sales Metal Castings Steel Sand Castings Iron Sand Castings Investment Castings SiMo Castings ADI Castings Iron Shell Mouldings Aluminium Gravity Die-Castings Aluminium High Pressure Die Castings Steel Forgings Train Locks Train Emergency Systems Precision Machined Aluminium Steel Castings Iron Castings Pressure Die Castings Fully Machined Steel Forgings Locomotive Machine Room Door Locks Brass Forgings Copper Forgings Machined Castings

  • Iron castings and parts
  • Iron castings, sand moulded
  • Iron castings, air set mould...

Martin & Taylor Engineers Ltd

We are specialist manufacturers, repairers and refurbishers of all rollers used in the paper, printing, textile and other industries. We pride ourselves on being a good family business with a loyal workforce. We have been established since 1962 and in that time have built up an excellent staff-customer relationship. We are situated in a rural area of Lancashire, close to the M66 for easy access. We provide a 24 hour, 365 days a year Emergency Breakdown Service and are always looking at different opportunities to improve our standards of service. SERVICES Hydraulic Cylinder/Ram Manufrs; Machinists, Precision Machining Services; Conveyor Rollers; Grinding Services, Precision; Balancing Services, Dynamic; Cylinders; Drum Manufrs; Cable Drum Rollers; Stainless Steel Cylinders/Boilers, Hot Water; Grinding Services, Cylindrical; Grinding Services, Cylindrical, Metal; Machinists, Turning, Shafts; Conveyor Pulleys; Embossing Rolls/Rollers; Grinding Services, Cylindrical, Plastic; Roll Grinding Engineers/Services; Print Roller Makers/Engravers; Rollers, Heavy Duty; Wire Rope Reeling Drums; Rollmakers, Paper Machinery; Rollmakers, Industrial; Rollmakers, Printing Machinery; Rollers, Printing; Hogger Machines, Paper Industry; Rollers, Special Purpose; Rollmakers, Cast Steel; Cylinders, Rotary; Rollmakers, Industrial Processing; Rollmakers, Chilled Iron; Rollmakers, Forged Steel; Press Cylinders, Ferrous Metals, Paper and Pulp Industry; Press Rolls, Repairs, Paper Industry; Rollmakers, Food Processing; Rollmakers, Plastic; Rollmakers, Water Cooled; Press Roll Shells, Ferrous Metal, Paper and Pulp Industry; Press Roll Cylinders, Non Ferrous Metal, Paper and Pulp Industry; Rollmakers, Textile Industry; Press Rolls, Reconditioning, Paper Industry; Printing Cylinder Bases; Rollers, to specification/Custom Built PRECISION CYLINDRICAL GRINDING Specialists in Cylindrical Grinding to the Paper, Printing and Textile Industries. Capable of Grinding all Metals, Coatings and Coverings on Rollers, Shafts and Cylinders to fine tolerances. Also have capacity for Concave and Convex Camber Grinding and Microgrooving any rollers ground. SUPER FINISHING We have developed techniques for producing Super High quality mirror polished chrome plated rollers, with surface finishes down to 0.005 UM. All pre-grinding, inspection, finish grinding and polishing is done in house and Chrome, Nickel and copper plating are done by our BSI quality assured suppliers.

  • Profiles, blocks, rollers and bearings, rubber
  • Rollers, industrial, rubber
  • Rollers (platens), rubber, for office machinery (typewriters, printers, facsimile (fax) machines)...

Sinotech Ltd

Sinotech Ltd aim to provide Cold Formed Parts: * Low cost to Manufacturers * Made to Customers Specification * Supplied by Chain Specialists for Automotive Supply * Many years experience with an Asian Source Sinotech, experts in coldforming components, have extensive experience in: * Net-shape coldforming * Near net-shape cold forming Sinotech is a supplier of precision components within the Automotive, Fluid Power and General Engineering Industries. We manufacture ISO 9001:2008 quality assured precision machined components, which can be produced using a number of processes: * Single spindle Low Volume components * Multi-spindle High Volume production * CNC turning utilising our multi axis technology * CNC milling utilising our 4 axis machining centres * Welded assemblies Sinotech can supply precision machined components in a vast range of materials including: * Copper * Mild and Alloy Steels * Titanium and exotic high temperature alloys * Plastics * Stainless Steel * Brass * Phosphor Bronze (Gun-metal) * Aluminium Die Castings - The molten metal needs to be injected into a mould under extreme pressure. This will result in a more homogeneous part, good surface finish and dimensional accuracy. There would be a significant reduction in the requirement for post casting processing to get the required final configuration. There are 5 main steps to the process cycle, these are: * Clamping - two cleaned and lubricated die halves are clamped together within the production machine * Injection - of molten metal (a pre-determined volume) at high pressure into the die * Cooling - The solidification of the metal within the die cavity takes its final shape * Ejection - From the die cavity, of the casting * Trimming - Excess material from casting Sintered Components Applications - Components produced by this route include the production of many complex components such as: * Pressure Plates * Gears * Cams * Sprockets * Levers * Ratchets * Bushing etc These would be used in the following industries: * Automobile * Hydraulic * Agriculture Pressings - Sinotech are able to work with their customers and use their extensive knowledge and experience of metal forming and tool design. To get the optimised final tooling design, prototype components can be produced. We are also able to supply Metal Stampings in a range of materials: * Steels, coated and uncoated * Stainless Steels * Aluminium * Brass

  • Waste bins and waste-paper baskets
  • Cast iron litter bins
  • Sintered metals...
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