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FLORIDA, GEORGIA Tel: (440)946-3300 Fax: (440) 602-8769 Contact Gene Stout NORTH/SOUTH CAROLINA Tel: (440) 728-5900 Contact Paul Straub PENSYLVANIA/MARYLAND/VIRGINIA/DELAWARE Tel: (800) 626-9501 Contact Bob Fumic CALIFORNIA/ARIZONA/WASHINGTON/OREGON/IDAHO Cell: (818) 625-9993 Contact Peter Fiouzi SOUTHERN OHIO/INDIANA/KENTUCKYTel:(1-800-626-9501) Contact Jim Walsh NEW YORK/VERMONT/CANADA Tel: (585) 943-1394 Fax: (585) 377-2895 Contact Jim Haas CONNECTICUT/MAINE/RHODE ISLAND/NEW HAMPSHIRE/NEW YORK CITY/NEW JERSEY Tel: (718) 884-9101 Contact Franklin lllfelder TEXAS/OKLAHOMA/LOUISIANA Tel: (800) 626-9501 Contact Bob Fumic ILLINOIS/IOWA/WISCONSIN Tel: (630) 679-9554 Contact J.D. Buller ARKANSAS/ALABAMA/MISSISSIPPI/TENNESSEE/MISSOURI/MINNESOTA/KANSA Tel: (800) 626-9501 Contact Greg Lane MICHIGAN/NORTHEAST INDIANA/WINDSOR (CANADA) Tel: (248) 486-1591 For over 45 years, Fusion has been providing automation solutions for manufacturers engaged in production brazing and soldering. Fusion takes a process approach to automating your application.This process consists of three key ingredients: Paste Alloys, Applicator Equipment, and Automatic Machines. Your operation will be transformed with the overall goal of reducing metal joining costs through increased productivity. With the Fusion Process, joint quality is virtually guaranteed, due to the elimination of human error. Material costs are controlled, since filler metal and flux are applied in a single step-in just the right amount. Labour costs become insignificant, as one operator turns out hundreds of brazed or soldered assemblies per hour.

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G M B Associates

Range of Mechanical Power Transmission Products and provide a full UK customer service and technical support facility. GMB Associates were appointed 20 years ago as the sole UK licensee for Ameridrives International (formerly Zurn Industries) to promote their range of Mechanical Power Transmission Products and provide a full UK customer service and technical support facility. By this association with Ameridrives International and more recently, Boston Gear Inc. we are now able to offer our customers a single source for all their power transmission requirements. Speed Reducers: * 700 Series worm gear * 200 Series helical * 800 & 600A Series in-line helical & helical-worm gear drives * Right angle miter & bevel gear drives * Planetary ratio motor multipliers * White & stainless steel washdown Shaft Accessories: * Flexible couplings * Universal joints * Setscrew & clamping collars * Timing belts & pulleys * Chain & sprockets * Grooved pulleys Bearings: * Pillow blocks & flange bearings * Bronze, steel & non-metallic bushings * Rod end & spherical bearings * Thrust washers * Radial ball bearings * Food grade non-metallic washdown bearings Fluid Power: * Filters, regulators & lubricators * Directional control valves * Disposable & NFPA square head cylinders * Air motors * Rotary actuators * Fittings, check valves, blow guns, recoil hose & accessories Gears: * Spur gears & rack * Change gears * Stem pinions & pinion wire * Internal gears * Helical gears * Worm & worm gears * Bevel & miter gears * Non-metallic gears * Delroyd worm gear sets Electrical: * Standard inverters & AC micro-controllers * DC drives * AC & DC motors * Clutches & brakes * Meters & tachs * White & stainless steel washdown Gearboxes, speed reducers, gas turbines, diaphragm couplings, overload, industrial clutches Each of our products are market leaders in their own right. Their undisputed high quality standards have earned them worldwide recognition for product superiority, price competitiveness and service excellence.

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