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The Health Sciences Academy

The Health Sciences Academy ® is the largest online educator on nutrition science in the UK, focusing on science-based specialised certifications recognised by government-regulated awarding bodies, from Sports and Exercise Nutrition to Clinical Weight Loss; Advanced Supplements to Nutrition for Cancer Prevention; Child Brain Development to Nutritional Epigenetics. Lessons and practical materials are 100% engineered by The Health Sciences Academy's very own team of accomplished scientists, PhDs and researchers. The Health Sciences Academy provide students with reliable science-based knowledge and hands-on tools, helping them to develop their own expertise. As opposed to passive learning, The Health Sciences Academy encourage an active and creative discovery, whilst offering a gradual and interactive learning experience. Through an easy to use state-of-the-art multimedia platform, students can take interactive quizzes, participate in live polls, complete online assessments, download printable worksheets for use with their clients, and put their knowledge in practice through The Health Sciences Academy's Skills Lab™. Graduates are provided with the (optional) Clinic Toolkit™ service to work together with their own clients. The Clinic Toolkit™ is available to graduates of The Health Sciences Academy only.

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