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Palladium Training & Consultancy

Palladium Training and Consultancy Ltd was formally established as a limited company in September 2004, after operating as a sole trader business since March 1999. We provide a comprehensive and integrated service for those organisations who value and believe in developing their people. When you select a strategic partner, you look for a provider who will go further to help you stand out in your market, build on your reputation and improve the performance of your organisation. At Palladium our people development programmes have achieved: greater customer satisfaction higher productivity enhanced employee morale improved personal effectiveness greater inner self confidence increased profitability We have a unique approach in developing people to deliver even better results. Whilst other training programmes may improve a person.s academic knowledge, it is necessary to encourage the application in .real-life. situations. Palladium.s people development programmes incorporate the latest management theories translated into dynamic and participative learning. We achieve measurable results through the application of a four phase continuous improvement model and by enhancing self-awareness, behavioural characteristics and attitudes are developed and changed. This achieves improvements in individual, team and organisational performance. Built into the individual workshops and programmes are personal action plans and work based projects which encourage individuals to practise the tools, techniques and skills covered in the classroom sessions. By consciously applying the new disciplines over a period of time, continually being motivated by the positive results achieved, these disciplines become habits, sustaining personal and/or team performance. In an increasingly competitive environment where your people are often the key differentiator, you need to think beyond the norm and continually raise the level of talent and skills in the organisation. Palladium Training provides learning and development solutions that help clients to become higher-performing organisations.

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