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Metreel Ltd

Metreel Limited are leading suppliers of Offshore Cable & Hose Handling systems specifically designed to protect and convey flexible cables and hoses feeding skid bases, turret transfers, jack up installations, vessels / drills ships, actuators and diverters, risers, top drives, cranes, hoists and handling systems, in addition to typical rig drill floor equipments like riser gantries, BOP cranes, Christmas Tree pipe handlers etc. Metreel's success in World offshore markets is attributed to its wide range of system options combining ease of installation and maintenance with long service life combined with considerable industry experience, not to mention matching commercial budgets. Our main product groups are: Met-Trak™ Drag Chain Systems & Hoses The Met-Trak™ range of Offshore Drag Chain Systems & Special HP & LP Hoses to suit provide support and protection for the safe conveyance of cable and hoses feeding skid bases, jack up installations, vessels / drill ships, top drives, cranes, hoists and handling systems for both upstream and downstream projects. Met-Boom™ Outreach Boom Systems The Met-Boom™ Outreach boom systems was introduced as an option to conventional Drag Chain and Festoon Systems for carrying cables and hoses offshore, especially where either ground level space or equipment location space is at a premium. Beam-Rider™ Festoon Systems The Beam-Rider™ range of Extra Heavy Duty Cable/Hose Trolley Systems have been designed specifically to suit offshore applications such as carrying cables and hoses to feed skid bases, jack up installation, vessels drill ship and cranes. DECO® Cable / Hose Reeling Drums The DECO® range of Offshore Reeling Drums have been developed from Metreel.s proven standard range of Reeling Drum products, in order to provide a facility to design and manufacture products suitable for offshore and Ex installation. The DECO® range of Reeling Drums are suitable for reeling cables and hoses and are available in a variety of finishes to suit the working environment which also includes the option of manufacturing from stainless steel materials.

Supplier of:

  • Metal pipework, valves and containers
  • Pipe, tube and hose accessories, metal
  • Hose reels...
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