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Mitchell & Cooper

Manufacturers and suppliers of kitchen and bar equipment dealing through distributors worldwide. Contact us for details. Bonzer, foodservice, catering, bar accessories, kitchen equipment, canopener, can opener, food portioner, portioner, disher, scoop, ice cream, baller, spirit dispenser, dispenser, tot measure, jigger, liquor pourer, flooring, cup dispenser, napkin holder, food mixer, pastry, baking, decorating, dough, piping bag, utensil, buffet, scale, chef, chefs tools, thermometers, timers, serviette, barboard, tabletop, menus, signs, liquidisers, mats, wine, corkscrew, salad dryers, pots, pans, sheets, Zerroll, Mafter, Blinis Pan, Ramakin, HACCP, Point of Sales advertising for bars and clubs, promotional products manufacturers. As manufacturers and suppliers of professional brand leading kitchen and bar equipment Mitchell & Cooper Ltd offer a wide selection of quality products for all catering needs including: can openers, scoops, utensils, cookware, scales, tabletop and service, coolers, spirit dispensers, thimbles, pourers, cocktail shakers, wine accessories and signs. In-house branding facility also available. Bonzer® products are designed and manufactured to the highest specifications and include: can openers, food portioners and ice cream scoops, spirit dispensers and measures, tabletop signs and menu holders. Other brand leading product ranges include Zeroll, Matfer-Bourgeat. Bonzer, Foodservice, Catering, Bar Accessories, Kitchen Equipment, Can Opener, Food Portioner, Disher, Scoop, Ice Cream, Baller, Spirit Dispenser, Dispenser, Tot Measure, Jigger, Liquor Pourer, Flooring, Cup Dispenser, Napkin Holder, Food Mixer, Pastry, Baking, Decorating, Dough, Piping Bag, Utensil, Buffet, Scale, Chef, Chefs' Tools, Thermometers, Timers, Serviette, Barboard, Tabletop, Menus, Signs, Liquidisers, Mats, Wine, Corkscrew, Pots, Pans, Sheets, Zerroll, Mafter.

  • Gloves
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Hygiene and cleaning...

Nickel - Electro

Manufacture and supply of laboratory temperature control equipment. Nickel Electro manufacture a comprehensive range of laboratory metal ware (stainless steel, nickel, aluminium). This complements the Clifton Range and provides our customers with a single source of many types of laboratory equipment. We believe in combining cutting edge technology with traditional skills and values, and take pride in being high quality precision sheetmetal workers. We constantly strive for higher quality and aim to be a world-class manufacturer. We produce laboratory, medical and clinical equipment for a variety of market sectors. These include hospitals, secondary and higher education, the food and dairy industry, veterinarians, pharmaceutical companies, industrial and quality control laboratories. We are pleased to offer a full design and production service of a wide range of products to exact customer specifications. We encourage early collaboration to ensure cost effective manufacture leading to high quality products. Upholding the traditions of high quality British products, Nickel-Electro exports across the globe, with major markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australasia Our products are designed, developed and manufactured in a tightly controlled ISO9002 environment and all products are CE compliant. Our entire range carries a comprehensive 3-year warranty. Whilst budget constraints are recognised, product quality will never be compromised by the need to be competitive. We would welcome enquiries from potential distributors. Products include the following laboratory equipment and instrumentation including bath constant temperature baths, laboratory bath, waterbaths, unstirred water baths, immersion thermostats, stirred, shakerbaths rectangular, round boiling baths, twin chamber duobaths, cyclone vortex mixer, mixers, ultrasonic baths, magnetic stirrers, ceramic stirrer, hotplate, cooling equipment, immersion coolers, immersion thermostats, centrifuges, blockheaters, heaters universal, stainless steel nickel spatulas tongs, beakers, crucibles, consumables stainless steel racks, racking, box, sterilizing boxes and heat pans.

  • Hygiene and cleaning
  • Buckets and shovels, domestic use
  • Buckets/pails, metal...
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