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Primalec produces hand held inspection systems, leak detectors for fluids & refrigerants, ultrasonic detector, and a range or air conditioning service aids for engineers and technicians in the motor vehicle, air conditioning, refrigeration & industrial sectors. Placing a high value on original design, both aesthetic and practical, we offer tools that are versatile, long lived, good to use, and great value. Primalec products include: Primalec battery & mains powered portable ultra violet inspection lamps for uv-fluorescent disclosure & leak detection, under the Mercury, Piranha, Voyager, Vectory & Invictalux names. Glo-Leak UV-fluorescent test fluids and injector systems for leak detection and uv-fluorescent disclosure. Concertina bellows injection system. Invictalux modular inspection and detection system with interchangeable light modules, flexible wand, Video endoscopes, bore and cavity inspector, surface magnifiers, inspection mirror, magnetic pick-up. Each component is renewable and upgradeable. Airco-Seal Pro and Super-Seal leak sealants, Retro-Pro conversion kit, Airco-Flush, Airco-Lube PAG and POE A/C lubricants, leaktronic - 2, uv-leaktronic, us x 1 Compressor Guard, Recycle Guard, Tamper Guard, valve core service kits, thread chaser kits, service couplers and fittings, digital and infra red thermometers, Airco-Breeze and Airco ReFresh A/C sanitizers.

Supplier of:

  • Chemical products
  • Chemical fluids, greases, pastes and lubricants
  • Coolants, lubricating, synthetic...
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